We have a new addition to our home decor… & this is something I NEVER would have done in the past.  Let me repeat NEVER! 

We are the proud new owners of a white area rug & we do not make our guests wear hospital booties or take their shoes off at the door.  How?!  Why?!

Let’s start with the why… I love white.  I always have.  I love how fresh & light it can make a space feel, but I have always been fearful of white in any larger objects in a room.  White Sofa? Not gonna happen in this house.  White Area Rug?  In my dreams! Well… my dreams just came true thanks to Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk technology.  That my dear readers is the how!  This great technology allows each individual fiber to be inherently stain resistant (& it won’t wear off over time like a topical treatment!)  Almost any stain can be cleaned off by simply adding a little H20.  So when Mohawk asked me to try out their SmartStrand Silk Carpet, I decided to get white- that would be the true test, and I have not been disappointed!

I’ve been burned in the past by neutral rugs.  I nearly had a heart attack when my daughter spilled Red Jello on our brand new natural Jute Rug.  There is no cleaning that out.  (Luckily our jute rug now layers nicely over the white rug conveniently hiding the hot pink jello stain)  So I will admit, the first few days of having a 9 x 12 White Carpet in our home, I was hesitant to let anyone do anything on it!  But after living with this for a few weeks, all of my fears have gone away.  Plus, my family loves having a soft rug to lay and play on.  I’m not sure who loves it more?!

I knew I wanted white, but also knew I wanted some sort of pattern to add some interest.  I went with Tender Traditions in Billowing Cloud.  This classic square pattern reminded me of one of my favorite David Hicks’ fabrics, so I was instantly drawn to it.  The SmartStrand Silk fibers make this rug durable & beyond soft.

Besides the durability & the comfort, using broadloom (wall to wall) carpet is one of my favorite designer tricks for getting an affordable custom size area rug.  Our room for example is long & narrow.  It has never really been suited to standard area rug sizes, but we have just made them work.  Finally having a rug in a size that fits perfectly in our room really changes the appearance of the whole space.  The room now feels larger with a rug that is properly scaled.

If you’re loving this beautiful SmartStrand Silk carpet just as much as I am, I have good news to share. It’s currently on sale! Follow this link to claim your savings and find the retailer nearest you. SALE

I’ll keep you all posted on our journey of living with a white rug… but if Rhino’s can live with it (seriously, watch this video!), then I think our family will be fine!

xo-Kristin Jackson | The Hunted Interior