Sammy on State is an Instagram account shared by 2 friends with a passion for home decorating and DIY projects. Both houses are beautiful, but Tammy has chosen to fill her home with gorgeous Mohawk flooring, so we are giving her the spotlight! Tammy’s home is a blend of classic-contemporary and modern farmhouse that also includes two adorable pups. We asked her to answer a few questions about her home in this Q & A.

Q: Tammy, can you give us an overview of your home? We would love to know when it was built, how long you have lived there, and any other general information!

A: We live in an open concept, ranch-style home that was built in 2005. We have lived here for just about 4 years. Our neighborhood has a lot of the same cookie-cutter style homes, which is why we really wanted to make it our own.

Sammy on State living room with Mohawk TecWood floors

Q: From subway tile to exposed brick, there seems to be a great blend of styles in your home. Where does your taste stem from?

A: That’s a tough one! I have so many different tastes and love so many styles, it’s hard to say where it stems from. But if I had to narrow it down to one taste, I would say modern farmhouse. 

Sammy on State dining room with Mohawk TecWood floors

Q: Our favorite room in your home would have to be your dining room with the gorgeous sliding barn doors. Do you have a favorite space?

A: I would have to agree! That is my favorite space as well. We just added a window seat to our dining room and it’s made the best addition to the space! Our dining room is the first room you see when you walk in our home, so we wanted it to be warm and welcoming, yet formal.

Sammy on State sitting room with Mohawk TecWood floors

Q: Let’s talk about your Mohawk floors! What style and color did you choose, and why are they a good fit for your home?

A: We choose the Mohawk American Retreat TecWood engineered flooring in Chocolate Oak. Both my husband and I agreed that we loved the dark wood look, and we saw these and fell in love with them. Also, we were really excited to give the engineered flooring a try since we heard that they were pretty durable and less costly than solid hardwood floors. We actually bought these floors before we even moved in!! ha! I picked them up on our closing day and it was the first project we took on when we moved in. We couldn’t wait to install them! 

Q: After all of your DIY projects, you must have an idea of what you would like to do next. What is the next renovation on the timeline for your home?

A: Our master bathroom! It’s the only room in our home that we haven’t done any renovations or updates too and I’m itching to get it started! Just have to save up a little more and hopefully, we can get the project rolling!