I like to root for the underdog and so when I sat down to watch this week’s episode, I was hoping that the yellow team would somehow claw their way to the top. Last week’s episode with all the backstabbing and throwing folks under the bus was extremely frustrating to watch. It’s difficult to dislike these contestants since they are all competing for the ultimate dream home for their personal heroes, and each and every story is more heartwarming than the next. But still, as with all competition shows, the backstabbing and strategizing will continue until someone is holding the keys to the big house at the end of Home Free Boulevard.


This week started with philosopher James calling the yellow team a mess, worried that the whole team is going to get sent home. I’ll admit, I was pretty sure he was foreshadowing this week’s future. The odds are certainly stacked against them; the orange team has two additional players! And just when I thought it was surely the end for the yellow team, in walks Tim Tebow!


The Tebow Twist

In what I like to call “The Tebow Twist,” the yellow team finds out they can select someone from the orange team to join their group. Woohoo! Lucy immediately wants to take Nick but since Maggie needs him to be her mole on the orange team, she quickly shoots down the idea. They already know their team is full of brawn, what they really need is brains. They narrowed the field down to Principle Patrick and Architect Carre before going into the Drill Down Challenge.


Drill Down Challenge: Pipe Dream

Before the teams begin this week’s drill down challenge, the yellow team announces that they want Carre to join their team. Carre, used to being on the winning team week after week, whines that she doesn’t want to go over to the losing team. But, since this is a competition show, she has no choice. She swaps her orange work uniform for a yellow one and reluctantly joins the team.


Challenge: Pipe Dreams

Both team now face a house with leaky pipes and they have to work under pressure to replace the faulty pipes with red and blue pipes. They have to connect the sink and shower on the first and second floor, and then fill up the water tank. The first team to complete the challenge wins the coveted gold tag.


Even short a player, the orange team works in unison and quickly completes the task. Nick, named team leader for the week, gets the gold tag. Lucy is selected team leader for the yellow team and we finally get to hear her hero story.

Lucy’s Hero

I have to say it but Lucy is awesome. She has spunk and grit, drive and determination, and enough moxey for her entire team. Right away, Lucy declares that she is going to crush the competition because she is playing for her hero. Mrs. Turner was a teacher who took Lucy under her wing and believed in her, when no one else did. She was the Mother figure Lucy was lacking, and because of her, Lucy graduated High School and went on to college. Lucy tears up when she recalls how much Mrs. Turner has sacrificed for thousands of children in the Atlanta community.


Yellow Team: Work Order

It’s time for Lucy to show the team what she’s made of, and boy does she bring it! The challenge is to correctly measure the roof and figure out how much shingles are needed for the home – in 30 minutes. Lucy, afraid of heights, offers to go up on the roof to get the challenge done. Carre the Architect complains that she would have been better suited for the job, but Lucy is Team Leader and she takes that role seriously. They correctly complete their work order in the final seconds, and for the first time since the start of the competition, no one gets red tagged.



Orange Team: Work Order

Now the Orange Team has 30 minutes to wrap a house for one of their heroes, and with all that wrapping, the team begins to unravel. Ben starts annoying and distracting the group, and the team starts bickering. Tim and Mike call Nick over and tell him he needs to get his team together, which leads to Nick putting his foot down. They manage to complete the work order in 30 minutes but Nick was unable to put the team together. No red tags were issued but Valerie warned the team that she just can’t work with Ben any more.


Lucy the Leader:

Meanwhile, on the yellow team, Lucy the leader continues to motivate and push the yellow team forward. They manage to complete another work order with no red tags issued. It was a great day for the yellow team!


Orange Team: New Work Order

How will they handle the pressure? The team needs to cut 5 boards to 5 specific lengths. All the cuts will be for the build and they have 10 minutes to do it correctly. Ben only cuts two out of the five. Morgan meanwhile only cuts one out of five, leaving her in last place. Morgan ends up getting red tagged for only cutting one board out of five. The yellow team celebrates the siren for someone on the orange team finally getting red tagged.


Morgan’s Hero:

We finally hear about Morgan’s hero, her Mom, who got her out of the South Side of Chicago and managed to shelter her from a tough neighborhood. Morgan’s Mom worked hard to keep Morgan in school, and because of her sacrifice, Morgan was able to move away from the South Side of Chicago and towards a better life. Now Morgan wants to give her Mom a better home and a better life. Tim, sensing Morgan’s defeat from her poor work order performance, gives Morgan a heart to heart to keep her motivated and to keep fighting for her hero – her Mom.


Orange Team: Work Order:

Ben, Valerie and Patrick are tasked to putting up siding on the side of this week’s Coastal Bungalow, but things fall apart quickly. After not communicating and only managing to put up 6 boards, Mike Holmes calls time on the work order. Each one of them gets red tagged and now the entire orange team has a red tag but Nick. The team didn’t communicate and so they were all punished, leaving them defeated going into the Final Cut Challenge.


Cheers for the Yellow Team:

It’s good to be on top! The yellow team completed all their work orders without anyone getting red tagged and so there were celebrating in the bunkhouse tonight! After both teams work together to put the final touches on the coastal bungalow, Lucy decides to man the grill and cook both teams a delicious dinner. Nick, ever so cocky, predicts that Lucy just cooked her own last supper.


We’ll see Nick, we’ll see.


Strategy Time:

Back at the Orange Team bunkhouse, the contestants strategize on how Nick should use his gold tag. Nick makes sure to keep Maggie out of the competition because of the alliance, and we’re left on the edge of our seat to see if Nick will save a teammate or throw a contestant from the yellow team into the challenge.


Final Cut Challenge:

Tim hands out playbooks to both teams and tells them they have an hour to study 127 plays in prep for the Final Cut Challenge. Nick then decides to put Lucy into the Final Cut Challenge. Lucy tells them it’s a strategic mistake and she is going to wipe the floor with them. And since it’s a challenge based on knowledge and not brawn, she does just that!


Go Lucy, Go!

It’s a challenge based on the information they studied in the playbook and Lucy is the first to get to 4 correct answers and is safe. Patrick and Valerie answer the next question correctly and are safe for another week.


It comes down to Morgan and Ben. They have 10 seconds to write down the correct answer for the price of the Kohler tub and since Morgan did not get the correct answer in on time, she is cut from the competition. Morgan is out of the competition but her Mom, Miss Stephanie, wins big and walks away with the keys to the beautiful Coast Bungalow with Mohawk’s Rustic Legacy Laminate Flooring with #ArmorMax finish in Cedar Chestnut.


The house is absolutely beautiful, and while we’re sad to see feisty Morgan go, we’re thrilled that her Mom finally has a new home in the safe neighborhood of Home Free Boulevard.

Here are some of our favorite photos from this week’s episode! What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments!







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