Guys. I’m writing this post as my due diligence to the world. I was not prepared for what life would be like while installing hardwood floors and didn’t find anything online about what to expect, so thank me later, k? Sure I’ve done some construction in my home between the bathroom and the kitchen (I PROMISE this is being revealed SOON. As in we are shooting it today!) and knew things got dusty and unorganized. But nothing prepared me for what it would be like to get my floors installed. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad process at all, I just wasn’t prepared to live like a hoarder for 48 hours. You see, 75% of my apartment is hardwood. Which means 75% of my apartment had to fit into 25% of it, also known as my bedroom. I didn’t think about this factor at all until they arrived that morning and realized that there was no way in hell that I could work from home, let alone get to the bathroom to go potty. So I grabbed Pork, my laptop and headed to my sisters so they could work.

I moved all my stuff, any breakables, decor, etc. If it wasn’t nailed down or a giant piece of furniture, it got moved into my tiny bedroom. It didn’t take long to do so I suggest doing this task the day before so you’re not living with it on top of you. If you have a TON of stuff, I definitely suggest getting a pod of some sort to house it all if you don’t have space/garage etc.  I just decided to put it all over my room, my bed, my bathroom, you name it, it was covered in decor from the entire house.

After a full day of them working, I headed back to see the progress and I was beyond excited. The process of taking out floors and laying them back down is actually very quick. By the time day one was over, more than 50% of the floor was done. All I had to do was empty out a closet (which was my fault for not doing in time before they got there, which yes, meant more stuff in my room) but turned out to be a good thing. I purged a ton of stuff and gained a whole new shelf for storing blog props for recipe posts (this is my life). By 2pm the following day my 900 square foot apartment was completely transformed. It’s a night and day kind of transformation as in you wouldn’t’ recognize my home if you saw it. It’s incredible.  They also did a new 1/4 round (that’s the little lip from the floor molding to the actual floor) which made the entire house feel extra new and clean.

My old floors were very noisy when you walked on them. We would joke that Pork tap dances on the floor because that’s exactly what it sounds like. The new floors were laid down properly this time. They did a cork underlayment (an underlayment option for my building) which is ideal for noise reduction. Plus, this engineered Mohawk ArmorMax is clearly much better quality than the floors I had before. You barley hear Pork walking around which is nice. The entire process took only 48 hours, barely, and they did a fantastic job of cleaning up. Because construction always leaves lots of dust, even after they swept and vacuumed, dust continued to settle for the next few days and I recommend waiting before cleaning up again. Give it a week and then do a big clean as your house will be dusty, it’s inevitable.

So stay tuned, these Mohawk ArmorMax floors are making a big debut in the coming weeks. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll love them!

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