For years, Mohawk Hardwood Flooring has received acclaim from consumers and environmental organizations alike for the eco-friendly, no-added formaldehyde manufacturing processes that create such beautiful surfaces.

A recent article featured on authored by structural engineer Chris Carbone of Walpole, NH-based timber framing company Bensonwood, does an exceptional job at breaking down what “engineered hardwood” really means and the true benefits from the products. It’s the perfect article for a flooring geek like me!

In addition to elaborating on the history of humans building with timber, including a nature-related quote from Herman Hesse that is now a favorite of mine, Chris does an amazing job of describing the thoughtful engineering that companies like Mohawk take into account when creating their hardwood:


“Modern engineered wood products start with forestry practices where trees are harvested in a responsible, sustainable way. As demand for wood products expands globally, we need to ensure that forests—and the communities that depend on them—are kept healthy. We can do this by using certified wood…

…In engineered wood, the wood is dried to moisture contents from 8% to 15%, which allows the material to be glued together into larger elements having great structural capacities. Zero VOC, formaldehyde free, polyurethane adhesives produce bonds stronger than the natural bond between wood fibers. Modern adhesives allow for stress-rated products like glued-laminated beams and columns or cross-laminated timber panels. These massive timber beams, columns, and panels are the building blocks for the skyscrapers of the future.”

Completely fascinating information! Chris also writes that using wood substitutes for other construction materials can save up to 31% of global CO2 emissions and if we are able, we are morally obligated to use more wood as we create our built environment. These are the sound philosophies that Mohawk Flooring stands by and certifies!


(Mohawk Flooring’s American Heritage Gray Mist Hickory, Brindisi Plank Dark Auburn Maple, Sandbridge Spiced Oak, American Sanctuary Antique Beige)

Read the entire article for all of its awesomeness and explore more about how Mohawk engineered hardwood flooring meets strict U.S Guidelines in earning healthy home certification.

What are your favorite reasons for choosing environmentally-sound products in your home?