Welcome to our home! That’s how we at Mohawk Flooring think of this little blog. This is where we come to let down our hair—laugh, relax, and be inspired. The world we live in is filled with so much beauty, and it deserves celebrating!

Toughest Mudder in the Military

Could Tough Mudder become a part of the United States Military’s training regiment? Staff Sergeant Rice, with the U.S. Army...

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Tough Mudder Meets The Toughest Mama on the Planet

On June 13th, with Northstar in the background in beautiful Tahoe, California, a group of Mohawk and Karastan employees gathered...

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Tough Mudder, Tennessee: 30 seconds of inspiration

Get inspired and let your patriotism show with these Tough Mudders.  Daniel, on the left, is a serviceman in the...

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