We are getting down to the wire as each week, another contestant gets voted off of the show. Here are some highlights from this week’s episode of Season 2 of Fox’s Home Free.

Drill Down Challenge: You know those three monkeys—hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? Well, apparently they inspire the producers of Fox’s Home Free, because this week’s drill down challenge pitted three teammates against three teammates in a high stakes game of charades. One teammate from each team wore a blindfold, one teammate from each team wore headphones, and the teammate that couldn’t speak had to mime the item that needed to be moved. Once again, the orange team proved the stronger unit, and they managed to move five items before the time was up! Patrick won the coveted gold tag and the yellow team headed back to their bunkhouses feeling defeated.

Work Order: The Yellow Team had to shingle a house and while they tried to work together, they just couldn’t manage to shingle the home the right way. While no one walked away with a red tag, Mike Holmes did caution viewers that really you should hire a professional to shingle your home. The professionals should only do some jobs.

Funniest Moment of the Show:  This week, Ben is trying to clean up his image and make himself a lot more likeable, so he told his teammates a story about how his parents used to take them all house hunting. One day, while looking at a house, he accidentally pooped his pants. As his teammates roared with laughter over this unfortunate incident, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the revelation that he did this as a senior in high school. You’d think by that age he would know the difference between a fart and a … well, you know. Ben is still shady, even with his toilet bowl humor.

Work Order: Both teams are tasked with an individual work order, to cut and build the walls of the garage. Patrick and James are the only two to perfectly execute the challenge. Everyone else fails and get red tagged.

Show Twist: For the first time in Home Free history, each red-tagged competitor can fight to redeem himself or herself by successfully completing the Redemption Challenge.  This challenge is pure strength as individual competitors must fill two small buckets, race down the street, and pour the water into a giant jug. Patrick wins the challenge but since he already has the gold tag, he’s automatically safe. Maggie redeems herself by not quitting even once. Nick was the only other orange team member to redeem himself, leaving Ben, Valerie and Carre heading to the Final Cut Challenge.

Ben the Puppet Master:  Farter Ben doesn’t want to be cut from the competition so he does everything he can to keep from going into the Final Cut Challenge. First, over a game of hoops, he asks Patrick to save him from the Challenge. Claiming that Valerie is just too weak a player to save, he begs Patrick to use the gold card to save himself. When Patrick doesn’t bite, he decides to use reverse psychology to make Valerie beg to go into the Final Cut Challenge. Ben sets it up as an opportunity to prove to Tim and Mike that Valerie really has what it takes to stay in the competition, and that she should go head to head with Carre to show everyone what she’s got. Shockingly! Valerie takes the bait and convinces Patrick to save Ben.

Final Cut Challenge:  Before Patrick uses his gold tag to save Ben, he reveals that Ben asked him for the save over a game of hoop. And that’s when the light bulb went off for Valerie and she realized she was manipulated. If she wins, I do not see great teamwork from Ben and Valerie in the future. Carre and Valerie go head to head to build a doghouse. The twist: they could either build the doghouse upside down or collect 100 balls and build the doghouse right side up. Carre goes for the balls since putting the roof on the upside down doghouse proved too difficult. But even with the advantage, Valerie wins by a few seconds, and Carre is cut from the competition.

Cape Cod House Reveal: Carre gets all glammed to surprise her hero, cancer fighter and single Mom Babette, with this new home. Babette is absolutely shocked at the beautiful new home that Carre won for them!  I loved the kitchen with Dal-Tile backsplash and our Brindisi Plank hardwood flooring with ArmorMax finish in Mocha Maple is a beautiful foundation for her new home!

Babette’s free standing tub with hanging shower curtains were a really nice touch for the ensuite bathroom, and I loved the look on her son’s face when he picked out his bedroom. The best finishing touch was one of the doghouses from the Final Cut Challenge on the backyard deck. It’s nice to know such a deserving person will get to live in such a beautiful home.

Here are a couple of our favorite images from this week’s episode!

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