Sometimes life just calls for a little fun. Sometimes it’s time to put away the black business suit, heels and designer handbag—and put on a running outfit, pink tutu and pink Mardi Gras beads.

As the one-year anniversary of my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis drew closer last year, I wanted to do something positive for the breast cancer movement. So, I enlisted all of my friends, co-workers and neighbors to participate in the Susan G. Komen Wash Me Pink 5K in my small Georgia hometown. After communicating the race via social media and e-mail, over 40 people joined team!

Not only did we raise some serious funds for breast cancer research, we had so much fun together. I cried and cried that Saturday morning watching all my friends walk and run wearing pink, as I remembered sitting in a waiting room for 8 hours on July 3, 2012, as my mom underwent a radical double mastectomy.

race day mollie post2

Here is the photo of our 2013 Susan. G. Komen Wash Me Pink Team. We won for biggest team at the race!

Just a few months ago, it was time for Wash Me Pink 2014. And here is our team photo from this year. A year later, we are all together again walking and running in honor and in memory of beautiful women affected by breast cancer. We won BIGGEST TEAM yet again! To my left is fellow Mohawk associate and blogger, Sarah Tuck.

race day mollie post

As you can tell, our team had so much fun dressing up for the occasion. I even decided to wear a big pink tutu for the big day. If you’re organizing a team for an upcoming breast cancer race, here are some of my favorite breast cancer race day products:

Hot Pink Tutu

Breast Cancer Water Bottles

Pink Ribbon Temporary Tattoos

Pink Beaded Necklaces

And, if you’re feeling crafty, check out this post on making your own tutu for race day.

So, I conclude my post with this challenge: Instead of letting an illness or difficulty defeat you, what can you do to gather people together to make a positive difference? You will be surprised where it leads and how many people you touch!

To learn more about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in your community, visit to find a race.