Whether it’s concern for air quality in the home or the quality of the earth’s environment, our customers love Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Flooring because it’s VOC-free, doesn’t hold allergens, and is 100% recyclable. New this year, we’ve expanded the line with four additional styles.

Offered in a wide range of neutral colors and thickness for extra cushioning, our newest Air.o styles are designed to ensure you can breathe easy, no matter your home decor taste.

Rest Assured I                         

In neutrals and blue-greys with names like Foggy Skies and January Frost, this new Air.o style is on point with current trends in design. With a unique texture created from twisted yarns, this popular style has a casual feel.

Rest Assured II

A sister product of Rest Assured I, this style comes in the same texture and colors, but with a taller pile height for more thickness.

Peaceful Moments I

This new style has a casual feel and comes in 10 neutral colors that mimic colorations found in nature, with names like Woven Basket, Pebblestone and Weathered Plank.

Peaceful Moments II

A sister product of Peaceful Moments I, this style offers the same colors and texture but with a higher pile for a thicker, plusher feel.

These new additions offer greater design options while providing pure peace of mind. No matter which style you choose, Air.o’s unique unified construction will not absorb any moisture, which means’s no allergens, like mold, mildew and dust mites will spread. Plus, the unified construction of Air.o provides 50% more airflow, making it easy-to-clean by releasing more dust, dirt and pet dander when vacuumed.

Air.o is also VOC-free and latex-free with no “new carpet” smell –allowing households to breathe easy. And because this flooring is constructed of just one material, Air.o is the only 100% recyclable soft flooring available in the market. For more information on Mohawk Air.o products, visit our website.