When it comes to showcasing the durability of our SmartStrand carpet, we love working with zoo animals! Do you remember our SmartStrand Rhino Challenge with Ricko the Rhino? A couple of years ago, we lined Ricko’s enclosure with our SmartStrand carpet and the original stood up to the resistance challenge and came out looking good as new, just check out this great video footage.

Now meet Max, he’s a 5,400-pound, 12-foot-long rhino living at the Birmingham Zoo who loves dirt! For two weeks this past October, Max lived in the lap of luxury, when we replaced his dirt floor with our new SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean carpet. We wanted to see how the world’s softest, more durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet stood up to a couple of weeks with Max!

Max was certainly up to the Challenge; we knew the incredibly soft carpet would feel luxurious next to his sensitive skin while the durable fibers would stand up to his daily activities. But it’s really not a challenge without a little competition. We decided to line Max’s enclosure with not one, but two types of carpet. On one side, we put our  SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean carpet, which is by far the most astonishingly soft carpet. While on the other side, we installed a competitive premium soft nylon carpet.


For two weeks, both carpets were lived on to the Max! After 10,000 crushing steps, mounds of ground in dirt, and dare we say – lots of poop and pee, we brought in a professional cleaning crew to see which side really stood up to the challenge. It was no surprise that when the cleaning was finished, Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean carpet was beautiful and looked just like it did the day we lined Max’s enclosure. Meanwhile, the competitive premium soft nylon side stayed dirty and looked matted and worn, clearly not able to stand up to two weeks with Max.


Did you know that two weeks of Max the Rhino stomping on the carpet is the equivalent of a year for a family of four! So when you’re looking for a durable carpet that’s easy to clean and extraordinarily soft, our SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean carpet is the perfect choice for your family. For additional information, visit our website at SmartStrand To The Max.