Time for an update, everyone.

The Mohawk Flooring? All of the laminate and carpeting I struggled with picking out?

It came.


Before we ordered all of it, though, Jimmie, the owner of Floored in Christiansburg, VA, came over to the house to make sure everything (and I do mean everything) was measured perfectly. He assessed nooks and crannies and inside closets. He measured all of the baseboard trim so that it could all be matched to the new flooring and replaced. He crawled around (poor guy!) for about half an hour, making drawings and writing out figures.

Then we ordered!

A few weeks later, he called to let me know that everything had arrived, and that we could go ahead and set up our installation. Relief! But FEAR! Why fear?

Because you have to remove EVERYTHING from your existing floors! Or…so I thought!

Jimmie and his team made the process a breeze.


Just remove the valuables, knick knacks, etc. Things you wouldn’t want broken. His crew would take care of all the heavy lifting! While I did load quite a lot into a box trailer, just to make it easier, his team took on the brunt of the work and made the process so very smooth. A few days before our scheduled install, his crew delivered the laminate. I had chosen this gorgeous multi-hued laminate called Antique Leather Maple with ArmorMax finish. It is SO sexy, don’t you think? In case you didn’t know it, laminate needs to acclimate to the temperature in your house to make for a better installation. SO, ours sat in the foyer for about 4 days before the installation team came to begin.

I wasn’t sure what to expect AT ALL. I knew they would be tearing out my existing laminate and underlayment, so, I kind of expected a huge mess. I barricaded myself in my upstairs bedroom and worked, but peeked down the steps every so often to see what was happening.

Somehow…and don’t ask me how…they managed to remove all of the old flooring, carry it away, and leave NO MESS. And this was before lunch. By the early afternoon, they had everything out and a good chunk of the kitchen flooring done. Poor dear! They had to pull out Gilda, my 48 inch range, and replace the floor under it, then put her back and re-level her! That took some time, but they never complained, and man…does it ever look fantastic.


The next morning they arrived right on time, and plugged away for the day. Almost everything was completed on day two, save for the trim work and details. The lead installer really knew his stuff, and cut no corners, even if it took him extra time. I was so impressed!

I know you are eager to see the whole floor, but I need to wait…and show you once everything is back in place!


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