Today, there are many options on the market for durable flooring that looks like wood, tile, or stone. Vinyl is a fast-growing category that is found in both sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring. While both offer durability, easy maintenance and water resistance, each one has unique benefits and things to consider.

While luxury vinyl flooring and sheet vinyl share many features such as durability and water resistance, there are some key differences. Here’s what you need to know about each type of vinyl flooring—and some tips on how to choose the one that’s right for you.

VersaTech sheet vinyl in a kitchen

Sheet Vinyl

Affordable, durable, and easy to clean and maintain, sheet vinyl is a practical choice for functional spaces. There are many sheet vinyl products on the market, but Mohawk’s VersaTech sets the standard for waterproof performance and durability.  


Seamless Construction

Without seams, dirt can’t collect and hide in the spaces between boards. This makes sheet vinyl incredibly easy to clean.

Comfortable Feel

Sheet vinyl is a hard surface floor with just enough give to provide warmth and comfort underfoot.

Fast Installation

Because sheet vinyl comes in a large roll, it’s possible to cover small rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, in one piece. Just make sure your measurements are precise—or, better yet, leave it to a professional installer.

Competitive Pricing

Sheet vinyl is offered at price points that can be much less expensive than other flooring types. And, because installation is faster and easier, you may save money on the installation cost. 

Things to Consider:

Less Realistic

Sheet vinyl is a solid material with printed wood or tile patterns. While some products offer more pattern variations, they’re still missing the textures and seams that provide the appearance of authentic wood and tile flooring.

Difficult to Repair

Because it’s installed in large pieces, repairs can be tricky. If the floor becomes damaged, you can cut out the damaged section and drop a new piece in to replace it, but the seams could show.

SolidTech Plus vinyl flooring in an entryway

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Also known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP), luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for families who want the look and feel of authentic hardwood or tile without the maintenance that comes with it. Luxury vinyl is the most competitive flooring category in the market and there are many products to choose from—but not all are equal. Mohawk leads the industry with SolidTech Plus, 100 percent waterproof luxury vinyl flooring that delivers maximum stain and scratch protection. 


Realistic Visuals

With patterns, textures and bevels designed to recreate the character of natural materials, luxury vinyl looks and feels like authentic wood or stone flooring.

Easy Installation

Luxury vinyl offers floating installation with a tongue-and-groove joint that makes installation much faster and easier than hardwood flooring. 

Maximum Durability

Luxury vinyl flooring offers scratch and dent resistance that are unmatched by other flooring categories. 

Things to Consider:

Higher Cost

With authentic wood and stone realism built into each plank or tile, luxury vinyl flooring is more expensive per square foot than sheet vinyl. 

Vulnerable Joints

Most luxury vinyl products only offer surface protection against moisture; if water is able to leak between the boards or tiles, it could cause serious damage to the subfloor. 

SolidTech Plus vinyl flooring in a nursery

Which Is Right for You? 

Waterproof and durable, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring both offer low maintenance and high performance. One looks more like wood and stone, while the other offers a quick and cost-effective flooring solution. The choice really comes down to where you’re planning to put your new floors. 

Where Luxury Vinyl Flooring Shines 

Luxury vinyl flooring is a good choice for prominent spaces in your home—especially in rooms where you plan to entertain. For high-traffic, highly visible areas like living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, it may be worth it to invest in floors that offer realistic visuals and maximum style. Your guests will never know they’re not standing on wood or tile, but they’ll sure be impressed when you tell them! 

The investment in luxury vinyl flooring will really pay off when it’s time to sell your home, as many leaders in the real estate industry have reported that homes with wood and wood-look flooring sell faster and at higher prices.  

When Sheet Vinyl Is Helpful

In spaces where function outweighs form, such as playrooms, basements and home gyms, sheet vinyl offers an economical, durable option. Let’s face it—kids don’t think about their floors when they’re making slime or pushing and scraping their toys across the room. 

In basements, sheet vinyl actually offers multiple benefits. Sheet vinyl retains heat evenly, bringing warmth to the lowest level of your home. And if quarantining inspired you to finally finish your basement to create more usable space at home, sheet vinyl is a fast and inexpensive choice.

The Takeaway

For wood-look or tile-look floors without the hassle, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring are both great alternatives to hardwood and tile flooring for easy installation and upkeep. 

Mohawk’s SolidTech Plus luxury vinyl and VersaTech sheet vinyl floors are both engineered to offer long-lasting, stylish flooring. Both offer a high degree of durability, including scratch and water resistance.