Watching a child’s face light up when they see their new dream bedroom is one of the biggest perks of our partnership with Sunshine on a Ranney Day. Since 2012, Sunshine on a Ranney Day (SOARD) has been providing home and room makeovers to children living with long-term illnesses. SOARD’s most recent makeover was for a handsome little guy named Logan.

At just five months old, Logan began having up to 10 severe seizures each day. For the next two years, Logan and his family tried multiple medications and traveled all over the country in search of answers. It wasn’t until after experimental treatments in Canada that the seizures subsided. Although the seizures stopped, medical testing showed that Logan suffers from Glycosylation Syndrome TMEM165, which is so rare that he’s the only person in the United States known to have the condition. In addition, Logan also has a dilated aorta which requires him to take daily doses of blood pressure medication. These unfortunate medical complications have slowed his physical development as well.

After five years of traveling the country in search of help, Logan’s family decided to move to Atlanta where he could begin school and receive treatment services from Emory Genetics, Spine and Orthopedics. Following multiple hip surgeries, at nine years old – Logan was able to crawl for the first time in his life. Now, Logan has gone from being immobile to crawling around and even learning to walk with a walker while he’s at school!

Though Logan can’t speak, he understands what is said to him and he loves sensory input toys with lights, environmental noises and music! To help Logan and his family move around the house and continue to progress, Sunshine on a Ranney Day has given this incredible young man the bedroom of his dreams and Mohawk was proud to donate Calm Reflection in Early Frost from our Horizon carpet collection!

This carpet is perfect for Logan because of its combination of durability and softness. The SmartStrand Silk carpet features forever clean and forever durable technologies that can withstand the use of his walker while the luxurious fibers stay soft and comfortable any time Logan is crawling or walking around.

Here are some before and after images of Logan’s new space-themed bedroom. The perfect room for a great kid whose courage is out of this world!

Before Sunshine on a Ranney Day Makeover

sunshine on a ranney day sunshine on a ranney day, makeover sunshine on a ranney day, makeover

After Sunshine on a Ranney Day Makeover

sunshine on a ranney day, makeover sunshine on a ranney day, makeover sunshine on a ranney day, makeover
Sunshine on a Ranney Day turned Logan’s room into a celestial sanctuary with enough space to accommodate all of his daily needs. Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean carpet is comfortable and durable while the low profile makes it easy for Logan to crawl or use his walker.

What do you think about Logan’s amazing room makeover? Share with us in the comments!