In Part 1 I shared the tools needed & the basic info on how you can install your very own Laminate Wood Flooring.  We were almost done with laying the floor, had just a few more cuts & the very last steps before we were DONE!!  The only real thing left to do was install the new quarter round that we had to rip up to install the flooring.  My husband cut all the pieces & nailed them in as I went behind him; then we filled in the holes & added a coat of paint to the now complete base boards.  Now, the room was DONE!

Just as a reminder… here was the before of the space.  Lots of wood, just in all the wrong places.

By painting over all the paneling & kitchen cabinets and adding the gorgeous Mohawk Laminate flooring, the space feels much more inviting & now feels like a completely different place.

This flooring not only warms up the space visually, but is literally so much warmer underfoot than the original Vinyl Composite Tile.  I know this because I painted & installed everything barefoot.  I am a bit like Genevieve Gorder on that front.  Does anyone else remember that?   (& it is easy to clean… I may or may not have spilled some latex paint on it! Oops!!)

A big  T H A N K   Y O U!! to Mohawk Flooring for donating the flooring to the United Methodist Children’s Home & Room Service Atlanta.  Hopefully this space will be an inspiring & uplifting place for the young residents as they make their transition from Foster Care to Independent Living.

To see all the details about this space please follow this link.

xo-Kristin Jackson | The Hunted Interior