Last time I was here at Creative Home I was discussing the amazing donation that Mohawk made to the Room Service Atlanta Project, well the donation has been put to use!  And let me tell you what a difference this flooring has made to this space.

(& we did it ourselves!  Looks pretty good right?!?)

Admittedly, my husband & myself fancy ourselves to be a tad handy.  We’ve built furniture, built-ins & demo’d a few walls in our time but we were very new to flooring installation.  The nerves were on high alert.  We didn’t want to mess up this beautiful new product! That is when I go into research mode.

I hit up the good ole interwebs & found some great info (& we obviously read the manufacturer’s instructions too.)  This was the best tool we found!  Gotta love a step by step instructional video by Chip Wade 🙂


It was time to begin.  We pulled all of our tools together & this is what you will need:

  1. Laminate Planks: Make sure you add some additional Square Footage in for cuts.
  2. Underlayment Rolls: This large roll of film goes down under the planks to ensure a snug fit & a level floor.
  3. Rubber Mallet: For tapping the planks into place.
  4. Miter Saw: The best way to achieve a  straight cut.  You can always rent one of these if you do not already have one in your arsenal.
  5. Crow Bar: Best used for removing the existing Quarter Round & sliding end planks into place.
  6. Tape Measure: Probably your most important tool.  Remember: Measure Twice! Cut Once.
Step 1: Remove any existing Quarter Round
(really anything on these floors would be a massive improvement!)

Step 2: Roll out your underlayment the opposite direction that your planks will run.

(Sorry for the blurry photo on this one… we were on a mission! You get the idea.)

Step 3: Start Laying your Planks! Run a full first row to begin with & then stagger your planks as you continue with all of the following rows.  We used a thirds method.  We always started each row with a Full, 2/3’s or 1/3’s length piece.  That way you don’t get continuous lines of planks.

And just keep going!

Be sure to open a few boxes at a time and pull planks from different boxes to achieve a really natural & random look in each of the boards.

One thing I will note… The technology is called UniClic… so maybe because I recently went back to blonde, I kind of expected to hear a click.  There is no click when the pieces join together.  There is a sweet spot though.  It takes a few tries to find that sweet spot of getting them to fit together, but once you do, you are ready to rock & roll.

We are 95% done with the flooring now & need to add some new Quarter Round back on, so full reveal will be happening next time.  Stay tuned!!

xo-Kristin | The Hunted Interior