You probably know Mohawk as the world’s leading flooring company. But did you know that we LOVE animals? It’s true. In fact, we love them so much that we developed our All Pet technology specifically to support homeowners with four-legged family members. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between the pets you love and a beautiful home. And, we believe you shouldn’t be penalized for the everyday accidents, scratches, and water that are part of life with pets. That’s why our All Pet protection warranty covers ALL pets, ALL accidents, All the time.

Unfortunately, as the coronavirus ravages communities around the world, even our best technology and warranty coverage can’t protect families from all of the pet-related challenges they face right now. That’s why we’ve decided to use our manufacturing resources to provide critical support for an organization that’s working tirelessly on the frontlines to save and protect animals affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Puppy at ASPCA

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Pets

While many pets are reveling in the extra time with their owners as families shelter in place, the outlook isn’t as positive for some. As the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting families all over the world, it’s creating additional difficulties for some pet owners that many people aren’t aware of.

From housing instability and economic hardships that make it difficult for families to feed their pets, to illness and isolation that can make it difficult for pet owners to provide basic care, many families are in need of support and assistance for their pets. Luckily, organizations like the ASPCA remain steadfast in their commitment to protect and care for vulnerable animals. One key to this mission is ensuring pets can stay with their families.

ASPCA to the Rescue

During the COVID-19 crisis, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has set up pet food banks across the country to help provide free pet food to people struggling to feed their pets–offering relief to those making difficult decisions to support their families, including pets, as resources become strained.

“The ASPCA is deeply committed to protecting vulnerable animals and keeping pets and their families together by helping shelters and pet owners access the resources and information they need during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Rebecca Frommer, Director of Cause Partnerships for the ASPCA.

Mohawk helps the ASPCA

How Mohawk Is Helping

As healthcare workers report shortages of critical protective gear around the world, the ASPCA is experiencing similar shortages that make it difficult for them to provide necessary support while keeping their staff safe. That’s why Mohawk is supporting the ASPCA by donating personal protective equipment (PPE) that will enable ASPCA staff to continue their critical work to save and help animals. The donated PPE will be primarily used for staff at the pet food distribution centers and within the ASPCA’s additional public-facing programs, including its Primary Pet Care clinics, Animal Recovery Centers, as well as the New York City-based Adoption Center and Animal Hospital.

“We care about our communities and the furry friends that make them even more special,” noted Bart Hill, senior vice president of product development and operations at Mohawk Home. “When the ASPCA shared their need for PPE, we jumped on board quickly. It’s gratifying work to help those stepping up to fight against COVID-19.”

Mohawk has dedicated our Antioch Road facility in Dalton and our location on Marine Drive in Calhoun to manufacture face shields and protective gowns for local medical centers, law enforcement agencies, first responders and others in need. Mohawk produces 10,000 face shields as well as about 5,000 protective gowns a day. To learn more about our COVID-19-related efforts, visit

In addition, visit to learn more about how the ASPCA is helping animals and their families during the COVID-19 crisis—and what you can do to help.