Since March, I can’t even count how many times I have asked my husband to please touch up the wood columns in our outdoor living area in preparation for summer. And, while I want to scream in frustration at the general lack of time we have for tackling items on our ever-expanding to-do list, I sit back and deliriously laugh at the life this mile-long list has taken on itself.

Between monstrous bushes that need trimming, gutters that need cleaning, front porch spindles that need fixing, and concrete areas that need pressure washing, it’s no wonder the summer has completely snuck up on us, and our house for that matter. Now that’s just the outside – let’s move inside where we have floor moldings splashed with permanent marks of purple, red and black from who knows what, cabinets that need polishing, walls with a scuff here or there that need touching up, and door knobs that need tightening.

In the midst of all this wonderful chaos, I should mention the fun fact that I have three boys plus an endless supply of their neighborhood friends, traipsing in and out of my house a few dozen times on a daily basis. And Lily, our miniature American Eskimo, is also always happily in tow. At the end of these long summer days when not a creature is stirring and everything is in its place, I know one thing is for sure – never have I ever been so thankful for my SmartStrand carpet and the reassurance it gives me at the end of the day that my house doesn’t really need to be hit with a wrecking ball.

From crayons to ketchup, red sports drinks to red mud, and even some red wine, I have the ability to easily clean all spills and accidents without fail every time. No matter how chaotic my house is or how out of control my to do-list is, I have the peace of mind of knowing I can start each day with a clean slate, or in this case, clean floors!

If you are looking for some light at the end of your tunnel, I highly recommend SmartStrand carpet. And take that time you would have spent cleaning your carpet to ensure you – and your family – are having the best summer yet!