I live in an old house.

It was old when I bought it, 15 years ago.  Built in 1920, it was unlike any other house in the area, the oldest in our neighborhood by decades.  It needed work.

So, for 2 years, on a VERY limited budget, we gutted it to stud walls, rewired, replumbed, moved walls, added bathrooms and central air, basically modernized it from the ground up.

I love this house.

I never realized that all that work 15 years ago would have to be partially redone in 15 years.  Well, maybe I realized it, but, the 15 years snuck up on me.  How did that happen??

The house needs a new roof.  The porch needs painted – AGAIN.  The walls and trim need a good once over in the paint department as well.  But there’s a glaring problem I hate to even get into…

The floors.

Gahhh, y’all.

I have an 8 year old who loves markers and mud and slimy guck.  There are all manners of grossness stuck in the carpet.  I think the vacuum has given up, and I can’t blame it…it’s nasty.  But he’s not the worst of it.

The dogs.

Yes, I know it was MY choice to have inside dogs.  I have 2.  One is almost 16, one is 10.  They are small, look fairly loveable.  Seven adores them both, and they are good dogs, I guess.


But good gravy, they have ruined my floors.  Upstairs AND down.  The older dog? The girl?  Well, she is deaf now, and can’t see half straight, and quite honestly, doesn’t care ONE BIT if we like her.  She will look us in the face, and pee right in the middle of the floor. Just – right there.  Not kidding, I think she’s daring us to spank her.  She wants to be like – ohhh, you broke my hip.  I’m so old and you are wretched people who broke an old dogs hip.  Now I’m going to go pee on your couch when you aren’t looking.

So we don’t spank her.

And thus, we have about a 5×7 spot of pretty, unblemished carpet in the house, under the bed.  Everywhere else?



The floors downstairs are floating floor.  We bought the best we could afford at the time, and it matches our cabinets, and has honestly held up better than I imagined.  But – it does have such a generic look to it.  No pizzazz.  And there are flaws – chips and gaps, a few bubbled up spots from god knows what.  They really need an update.

So last spring, I decided to run the Tough Mudder, about the same time that I went to Mom2.0 in Scottsdale.  It was there that I met Mohawk, and learned that they are a Tough Mudder sponsor!  After my race, I really started researching about redoing these floors, so Mohawk was of course a Go-To…and they have SO much to choose from.

I’m ready to make some big changes around here, so I hope you will follow along!  I’ll be working with Mohawk to change out this awful carpeting (which I cannot believe I am allowing you to see) as well as the downstairs flooring…so stay tuned to future posts where I go pick out what I want, and the installation and reveals.  I am so excited!


Disclaimer:  I am working with Mohawk and the replacing of my floors in exchange for product.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Susan Whetzel is the creator of the successful food, travel, and lifestyle blog Doughmesstic.com.  A small town southern girl, Susan  finds inspiration in the everyday, and shares it with her young son, Seven (no, his name is not because of Seinfeld!), as well as her readers.  While she still considers herself a sweets and treats maker, Susan recently started entering the world of Obstacle Course Racing, and has run the Mudderella and Tough Mudder in 2015.