When it comes to picking out carpeting for a beautiful home, many questions instantly pop up: What carpet fiber wears the best?, What is the best carpet fiber for high traffic? and What is the best carpet for stain resistance?

The truth is, the best carpeting is one that fits your home and its specific needs. And if you have children, one carpet question will encompass all of the above: “What is the best carpeting for kids?

Celebrity designer Chip Wade knows a thing, or three, about the answer considering he has three little ones of his own! Our favorite TV host, designer and contractor has this video clip to share about a particular “Kid-proof carpet” that will work for you.

For Chip Wade and millions of satisfied owners around the world, the best carpeting for kids is Mohawk SmartStrand. The revolutionary Triexta fiber simply can’t be beat!

Let’s review what makes Chip flip for SmartStrand:

1. Soft carpet – Perfect landing pad for little ones who slip and fall. No sticky or harsh chemicals needed to clean the carpet- it can be cleaned with just water!

2. Permanent stain and soil protection – engineered into the Triexta fiber at the molecular level so it never washes or fades. It’s permanent built-in stain and soil protection!

3. Cleans with water – your clean up time is drastically reduced with even the messiest stain offenders. Clean with just water or mild detergent.

4. Durability – kid traffic is no match for this tough carpet, remember the Rhino Challenge?

To learn more about the amazing properties of kid-friendly SmartStrand carpet and view gorgeous styles, visit www.mohawkflooring.com.