As a child, there was no question that our family’s favorite room was the kitchen. It was the hub of our house; my siblings and I would sit around the kitchen table and do our homework, while my mother would wash dishes, make school lunches, and help us with our math assignments. During the holidays, we would spend hours in the kitchen, planning menus, working on holiday-specific home decorations, and cooking and baking for the onslaught of our favorite relatives. The kitchen was bright, warm, inviting, and always smelled amazing. My favorite childhood memories revolve around cooking with my mother and sisters in that bright yellow kitchen.

So when my eldest child was a baby, I tried really hard to recreate my mother’s kitchen. But my current kitchen is no more than an alcove in our three-bedroom apartment, with barely any space for a highchair. With three children under the age of five, the youngest only 9 months old, the majority of our family time is spent in the master bedroom. My toddlers love post bath-time cuddles and pre-bedtime books while snuggled under our duvet cover. In the morning, they run into our room with their clothing and get dressed near our bed as I alternate nursing the baby with braiding hair and buttoning up dresses. At night, I happily make room for my 3 ½ year old, even though she ends up with her little feet tucked under my ribs and her head sharing my husband’s pillow. For now, our most precious family moments take place in the master bedroom.

For Family Fun Month, we asked some of our favorite bloggers which room in their home is their family’s favorite. Here are their answers:

Courtney Fernan Headshot_0038 (1) copy

“Our family’s favorite room is our living room. This room sees it all. From snuggles, to games, to watching TV or reading books, we savor our time together and have built years of memories in this space.”

Courtney, A Thoughtful Place Blog

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“My favorite room in my home is my craft room, of course! It’s also known as my woman cave or sanctuary. My daughter and I spend almost everyday in there creating new projects and working together.  It’s probably the most organized and inspirational space in my home.”

Dinah Wulf, DIY Inspired

Christy JPEG

“Our favorite room in our house is our kitchen.  Now, this isn’t because it’s the most comfortable or nicely decorated room–it’s actually pretty homely with dark brown cabinets that I’m not allowed to paint because it’s military housing!  But the reason we love our kitchen is because when we sit down together at the table, it’s just the four of us, and we have a chance to catch up on everyone’s busy comings and goings.  We cherish the nights when it’s just the four of us at the kitchen table (plus two dogs underneath!).”

Christy, 11 Magnolia Lane

Which room in your home is your family’s favorite? Let us know in the comment section!