Big Changes Are Coming And It’s All About The Floors

I absolutely love our home. It’s bright and fresh. It’s small and cozy. It screams comfort. But there is one thing that bugs me about our home…our floors. At first look, you don’t notice it, and maybe if you walked all the way through our home, it wouldn’t bug you. To me, it’s too much. A crazy mix of 5 different floors that has no flow to me. Let’s play show and tell. I’ll show you all of the floors and tell you a little about each, so maybe you can understand where I’m coming from a bit.

I’m so excited to be working with Mohawk to replace the flooring in our home. I’ve been a long time lover of Mohawk and their amazing high quality flooring. My favorite rug shown in the above photo is from Mohawk and has been in our family for over three years! I can’t wait to share this journey with you! Thank you, Mohawk!!!

Foyer Home Carpet and Floor

This is the floor in our entryway or foyer. It’s not in great shape and the color is soooo not me. I honestly detest it. It’s the first thing I see when I walk in our front door and it is not welcoming at all. The plank that connects our foyer to the living room is loose and will not stay in place…not cool.

Living Room Carpeting
Can we talk about the brown carpet in the living room now? Honestly, I know it doesn’t look bad. My fabulous Mohawk area rug makes it look so much better! I remember the day we had the carpet installed years ago…I was soooo excited for new carpeting…the old carpet was awful and completely stained beyond repair. When the installers left and I stood back to admire my new carpet, I was so disappointed. I know that sounds like I didn’t appreciate it, but that wasn’t the issue. What I was looking at was a sea of brown carpet. I really didn’t know how to decorate around it…I love all things light colored. I had chosen brown because it was a neutral color and I thought it would be just right. Not so much. The beautiful rug definitely helped to break it up. Then about a year ago, our hot water heater had a major leak. It leaked on a large part of our carpet, but not enough for our home insurance company to do anything about it. We dried it with fans and had it cleaned, but I can still smell a little bit of a mildew smell. With majorly bad allergies, the mildew smell is not helping matters. So, that’s the story of the carpet…let’s move on shall we?

Kitchen Flooring

Now to my favorite space in our home! Our kitchen and dining room area are bright and fun, but there is yet again a flooring issue. At first sight, you may think, what? The wood flooring is very damaged and has been since we moved in. I’m pretty sure the previous owner had a few plants that leaked when watered, then just sat there. So there are watermarks in a few different spots. Then there is the tile. It has many chips and never seems to get clean no matter how much I scrub. Plus, I don’t love the great divide in the middle of the room. It means that we can’t turn the table the other way because then it crosses the wood flooring and just looks off.

Bathroom Flooring

Now to the fifth type of flooring…the half bath. Those are linoleum tiles my friends. They were a quick  and inexpensive fix to hide the most hideous linoleum you have ever seen.

So, what will I be doing about this flooring situation? I’m going with new laminate flooring from Mohawk! I cannot wait for flooring that flows through our entire first floor! I cannot wait to share this journey with you. In typical Jess style, I will be looking for flooring that compliments the cottage feel that I love so much. Nothing too formal and maybe a little less brown. I’m so excited to share the journey with you! Check back next week when I’ll be sharing my choices and why I am choosing laminate opposed to other flooring!

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