When you mention purchasing carpet for a home with pets, the first reaction may be to think of the messes that can be made or spills that could possibly occur. Fear not: just because you have pets doesn’t mean you should fear having soft carpet in your home.


When you think about it, our pets and our carpet have a number of things in common: they are both soft to the touch, lovable and warm up the entire household. Carpets today are constructed from revolutionary fibers with properties that make fear of living with pets a thing of the past!


To help expound upon this awesome news, Celebrity Designer Chip Wade hosts this video describing what to look for in the best carpeting for pets. As an animal owner himself, this topic is near and dear to Chip’s heart:



Chip brings up some great points about providing a soft surface that’s compatible with our furry friends. In summary of his video, here’s Chip Wade’s quick “Carpet Shopping for Pets” checklist:

“Carpet Shopping For Pets” Checklist

  1. The 2 biggest features needed are Stain Resistance and Durability.
  1. Carpet Fiber makes a difference!

A. Nylon – Great choice: Durable, stain resistant & soft to touch.

B. Polyester – Not for all pets: Awesome stain resistance, not as resilient.

C. Triexta – Excellent: Engineered stain resistance that never fades, tough enough for all pets.

  1. Colors and Patterns are strategic:

A. Patterns – Hide hair and dirt

B. Colors – Match color of carpet to color of pet hair

  1. Cut Piles are the better fit over Loop Piles


Pet-friendly carpet is here to stay, we love our pets and we love lying on the floor with them. With your gorgeous carpet installed, vacuum regularly with a Carpet and Rug Institute approved model to keep them looking newer, longer.


We want to hear from you! What is your funniest pet story inside the house?