Air.o in Action

Real Stories from Real People We gave our new Air.o hypoallergenic soft flooring to real people to see it in action in their homes. Read each story to see their home transformation and learn why they’ve fallen in love with Air.o.

Julie Renbarger

“My kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor, so we needed soft and durable flooring. Air.o is a perfect fit for a busy family like mine!” Read More

Gina Michele

“My son loves to sit on the floor and play, so I hoped to find a plush flooring. Air.o not only looks great, it’s so comfortable!” Read More

Jess Oakes

“The fact that Air.o is hypoallergenic was huge for me as we have a lot of allergies in our family. I love that its integrated cushion doesn’t absorb moisture so it dries even faster after spills (hello, toddlers!”) Read More

Seng Nickerson

“When I’m working in my craft room, what I’m looking for is comfort. I wanted an option that would provide both the luxury of beautiful flooring and functionality for creative minds to be free to explore. After some research, I found that Mohawk’s Air.o hypoallergenic soft flooring met all of these needs!” Read More

Carissa Bonham

“When we bought our home, the carpet was 18 years old, ugly and desperately needed to be replaced. We weren’t able to find any carpet that was both comfortable and zero VOC. Then we learned about Air.o! I feel good about putting this hypoallergenic soft flooring in my kids’ bedrooms.” Read More

Jillian Warner

“Between my husband’s allergies, a preschooler, a tween and a large dog, I thought hard flooring would be my only option. Air.o is giving my kids a soft place to play, my husband’s nose a break and providing me with some peace of mind given Mohawk’s reputation for stain resistance. I expected to be SUPER excited about how our new flooring looked, but what surprised me the most was how much of a difference there was in how it felt –it’s like walking on clouds” Read More

Sarah Marturano

“We thought we would have to renovate our son’s room and install hardwood floors because of his asthma and allergies, but we found Air.o hypoallergenic soft flooring and we couldn’t be more thrilled! I love that he now has flooring that won’t contribute to his symptoms. We are excited to have Air.o in all of our bedrooms for the hypoallergenic benefits and comfort it offers. Plus, the color options and styles can’t be beat!” Read More

Laura Burton

““I have struggled with severe allergies my entire life and was desperate to find a comfortable, allergy-friendly product to replace the old carpet in our master bedroom. I was elated to find Air.o – I can’t believe I can have allergy-friendly flooring that is actually soft and cozy as well.” Read More

Kathryn Sneed

“My daughter has Mast Cell Activation Disorder. This means she can have allergies to almost anything at any time. As a mom to two special needs kids, we are very excited to have Air.o in our home. While we already had put in a medical-grade air filter, we knew that having hypoallergenic soft flooring would go a long way to help our kids!” Read More

Jesse Coulter

“I’ve always been a lover of carpet but my family’s allergies are top of mind. Our family of 5 spends so much time on the floor. We dance, wrestle, read books, cuddle, play with toys, watch movies and so much more. Air.o is the perfect solution for having the comfort of soft flooring and being safe for my family year-round!” Read More

Kim Demmon

““Being from the Pacific NW, we have a reputation for recycling or using recycled products wherever we can! We are also dedicated to finding eco-friendly products for our home that have a low VOC. We have a hypo-allergenic dog and mattress, so it only made sense to replace our carpet with a product that aligns with our clean living! Air-o is the perfect solution!” Read More