We love The Highland Home, and not just because it’s filled with beautiful Mohawk Flooring. Lyndsey’s home is a combination of modern farmhouse mixed with traditional southern living and is an inspiration for aspiring designers or anyone looking for an upgrade on their home. Hear from Lyndsey herself as she describes her style in this Q & A!

Q: Lyndsey, there are plenty of hard flooring brands to choose from when updating your home. What ultimately led to your decision to choose Mohawk Flooring?

A: Our home was a new build. Our builder provided several Mohawk hardwood floors from which to choose.

Mohawk Hartford Hickory Wood Flooring in the kitchen

Q: One of the most difficult decisions a consumer can make is choosing the color of their new floors. You chose a dark-brown floor to complement the cream and gray colors of your décor rather than a trendy, lighter colored floor. What process did you take to choose the color of your floors, and which style and color did you end up choosing?

A: My style has always leaned towards the classics. Our previous home had dark-brown hardwoods, and I loved how they complimented our furniture, our choice of wall and trim color. I designed a white kitchen for our home and I wanted a stark contrast between the floors and the cabinets. We ended up choosing 5” plank Hartford Hickory in Espresso Hickory.

Mohawk TecWood in Hartford Hickory

Q: Your home seems to have a beautiful theme when it comes to your décor. Where did you get the inspiration for your style?

A: I have a great appreciation for so many decor styles but at the end of the day I always come back to the classics. I am a lover of woods, whites, greens, and blacks. I am a minimalist when it comes to home decor. I have three guidelines when it comes to putting our home together: is it pretty, is it functional, and does it tell our story.

Mohawk TecWood flooring in the dining room

Q: As a family of 6, there must be plenty of feet running around in your home! How have your floors held up to the varying levels of activity?

A: Would you believe there are actually 20 feet that run around our home daily? They belong to six humans and two bird dogs. We have lived in our home for a little over a year now and have been very pleased with our Mohawk hardwood floors.

Mohawk TecWood in the entryway

Q: It is hard to single out a room in your lovely home. But if you had to choose, which room is your favorite?

A: Oh man! That is such a hard question for me. When we moved in, I did not make a lot of rash decisions, I took intentional time. I love the shiplap wall in our kitchen. I love the dining room we painted black. I love the shiplap stairs that welcome you into our home. I love the white brick fireplace hugged by dark gray built-ins and a cedar mantel. It’s always a work in progress. I am looking forward to and dreaming about projects for our master bedroom, boy’s room, girl’s room, and laundry room. I’m not sure I’ll be ever to choose a favorite.

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