Laminate flooring is one of those products that honestly doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to designing a home. Rarely do we find products as fashion-forward, high-performing and versatile. Not only can it resist moisture and wear and tear, it’s also easy to install and the newest styles are visually stunning. On the practical side, laminate flooring is budget-friendly and even environmentally-sound. Like I said, it’s time to give laminate flooring full credit.

Laminate Flooring Chalet Vista

Laminate flooring can capture the look of real hardwood—for an affordable price. The rustic feel of authentic hardwood is one of the most cherished aesthetics in home design. For a high-end kitchen, Mohawk’s Cottage Villa collection gives you weathered oaks and maples in a smooth or textured finish. Sitting on top of a taller 8mm platform, this collection presents some of the most realistic hardwood visuals the industry has ever seen. The latest laminates from Mohawk are allowing owners to capture this look in areas that were previously unthinkable.

Laminate Flooring_multi_width_Chalet_Vista

Laminate flooring comes in many styles, including multi-width planks. Laminate planks are now available in the popular wider, longer, and multi-width styles to create upscale, vintage appeal while matching the latest design trends. No matter your style, you can find the laminate flooring that fits.

Laminate Flooring Rustic Legacy

Laminate flooring can go places hardwood can’t. Take the Rustic Legacy collection for instance: Who would have thought that a place like the laundry room could have the reclaimed hardwood feel of heavily textured chestnuts and oaks? Because laminate flooring is moisture tolerant, it can be installed worry-free even in kitchens.

Laminate flooring provides durability for real life. The Rustic Legacy collection features ArmorMax Technology, the industry’s leading finish for unmatched durability and wear protection. Not only are they stylish, these laminates are engineered to perform where you need it the most.

Laminate Flooring  FloorScore & CARB logos

Laminate flooring is environmentally friendly. Yes, the aforementioned laminates really are eco-friendly. Mohawk meets CARB manufacturing standards for formaldehyde emissions and the finished products earn a FloorScore certification for indoor air quality. In a nutshell, you will be hard-pressed to find another combination of value, visual, and benefits like laminate flooring.

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