Tile flooring in wood looks has been around for years. It’s beautiful, fashionable, versatile and more durable than natural hardwood. But the realistic appearance of hardwood in ceramic or porcelain material is quite difficult to replicate─until now. Mohawk has just introduced Ashton Park, its newest collection of porcelain tile, that looks just like hardwood flooring.

The technology behind this product is amazing. Mohawk’s exclusive Reveal Imaging™ produces a high-end wood visual unlike any tile product out there. The imaging duplicates the detailed graining, veining and striation of natural wood.


Planks are long and linear like hardwood floor planks. And they have found a way to cut the edges so razor sharp so that there is the tiniest of grout space, like the limited spacing between boards of natural hardwood flooring.  Craft any style décor you want, from rustic to traditional to contemporary. The color selections are beautiful and pair well with neutrals, pastels and deep tones.



Why Tile Instead of Wood?

Well, for one, hardwood can’t be installed just anywhere, like below ground level rooms, rooms with high moisture, such as bathrooms, or outside patios. Tile can. Tile is also more durable than hardwoods. It doesn’t wear as quickly and is great for high-traffic areas like kitchens, entranceways and playrooms.

The elegant Ashton Park Collection is made of high-end porcelain tile, which is denser, less porous and has lower water absorption than ceramic tile. This also means it can withstand exposure to freezing and thawing, along with resisting scratches, bacteria and odors. Incredible! If you’re considering replacing flooring, but not sure if natural hardwood is the way to go, check out Mohawk’s new Ashton Park porcelain tile collection. It has a stunningly realistic wood visual that is ultra-durable and is available in a selection of fashionable colors; so you can create the look you want, wherever you want.