Lucy is still on a roll from the previous week, where she rallied up the yellow team and took them to the top of the competition, besting the dominant orange team. Apparently, there are two Lucys—Jekyll and Hyde. The team loves the sweet, smiling Lucy but when they get to a challenge, they like when the beast in Lucy comes out to compete.

Drill Down Challenge:

I want to meet the people who come up with some of these challenges, because they just get more and more entertaining. This week, one competitor from each team gets rigged up in a harness attached to an Excavator and swung from side to side with a roller. It’s like someone you can expect to see in Fifty Shades of Grey 2. Each team has to paint two panels red, and two panels blue. The team that paints them to Mike Holmes standard wins the challenge and gets the gold tag.  Valerie, the lightest member of the orange team, gets into the harness and does the best she can while fighting dizziness and the constant swinging. Maggie, a self-proclaimed champion roller, gets into the harness for the yellow team while Lucy and James swing her around to paint. Mid-way through, James realizes that if he holds her stable to one side, she can paint pretty quickly and accurately. The orange team doesn’t pick up on that loophole and by the time they realize they could hold Valerie in place, the yellow team wins.

This week, Carre from the yellow team is the team leader and holder of the gold tag. For the orange team, Ben is chosen as the team leader, which makes Valerie very unhappy.

Tim Tebow Time

The orange team meets with Tim to have a heart-to-heart about working with difficult teammates. Valerie wants to know how he pushed through disliking his teammates to perform on the football field. Tim reminds all of them what they are truly fighting for—their personal heroes—and it rallies the team up to try to work together as a cohesive unit.


Work Order Challenge: Install Mohawk laminate Flooring with #ArmorMax Finish!

I got really excited about this challenge! Two teammates from each team go head to head to install our Huntsville hardwood flooring with ArmorMax finish in Hickory Shadow in 30 minutes. Maggie and Carrie had a great rhythm going, measuring, cutting and installing in a fluid manner. Nick and Valerie started off slow and we are reminded that Nick doesn’t have all of his fingers, since he lost two of them during the War in Afghanistan. That puts him a disadvantage while handling hand tools but he pushed through and they caught up. Just when we think the yellow team has got this in the bag, Mike Holmes points out that Maggie’s nail gun is out of nails. By the time the challenge is over, more than three of her panels were not properly installed. The yellow team loses the challenge and Maggie walks away with the red tag.

The Human Side of Maggie:

Tim pulls Maggie aside and she breaks down into tears, explaining that while disappointed with her red tag, it’s not going to break her. She explains about the sacrifices her older brother made to make sure she had a good life. He gave us an education, a family, and his own life to give Maggie everything she needs to succeed. Winning him the Ultimate Dream Home is the least she could do to repay him, and even that wouldn’t repay him for giving up 30+ years of his life. I thought this moment was the most sincere moment Maggie has had on the show, and it made her a lot more likeable that she has been in the previous three episodes. Let’s home when she keeps this up!

Message from the Heroes:

Lucy’s hero Mrs. Turner appears in a video message and gives her the sweetest message to keep on fighting. In the orange team’s Bunkhouse, Nick’s hero Garrett bolster’s Nick’s fighting spirit. We learn that Garrett has had 14 deployments in his Army career and he was the one to pull Nick out of a ditch in Afghanistan and saved his life. James parents message fires him up! They called him a winner, and it put the joy and spark back where it needed to be. James then talks so highly of the three women on his team and how Home Free Boulevard is the best street to live on because of all of the heroes in each of these houses.

This week, the team is building a Classic Colonial Style Home and the next couple of challenges will utilize the tools Mike Holmes has taught each team to move further down the boulevard.

Work Order: Correctly Hang Wallpaper

Patrick and Ben goes head to head against Lucy and James.  I was rooting so hard for Lucy and James, they worked great together, were encouraging, had great chemistry but they didn’t know how to properly hang wallpaper and they never figured out how to correctly line up the pattern. Both Lucy and James get red tagged and I am so disappointed! Carre is going to have a tough decision regarding how to use the gold tag this week. Will she throw someone from the other team into the Final Cut Challenge, or will she use it to save on of her teammates. If she chooses to use it to save someone, whom will she save?

Tim Tebow Time!

Tim pulls Lucy aside to talk about Mrs. Turner and I just pray it’s not foreshadowing that Lucy will end up getting cut this week. Lucy is in tears having to go up against Maggie and James. Lucy was born with a severe foot deformity that made it difficult for her to walk. She was teased endlessly and life was very difficult for her. Mrs. Turner gave her the strength to push through and preserve. Lucy smiles through her tears and vows to give the competition her all, on behalf of all of the children Mrs. Turner has helped over the years. I couldn’t love Lucy more!

Work Order Challenge: Ducting Homes 7 & 9

I am learning so much watching this show; I am going to be an expert on home remodeling when this season is done! Each team needs to bring all of the ducting for the air conditioning units for home 7 & 9 into the homes before time it up. It looks like miles upon miles of heavy ducting that will need to be brought into these homes, and I have no idea how these teams will work together to get this work order accomplished in so little time!  The orange team got the job done in time and now everyone on the yellow team has a red tag, including Carre.

Night at the Bunkhouse

The yellow team talks strategy that Carre can save herself with the gold tag, she can save someone else, or she can put someone into the Final Cut Challenge from the orange team.  We don’t know what she will decide, but after that last group hug, we know it’s going to be something that will keep this team together.

Final Cut Challenge:

Carre decides to use the gold tag to save herself from the Final Cut Challenge, which means that the rest of the yellow team will compete against each other.  Lucy, James and Maggie have to compete against each other and one of them will go home after this challenge. James is going to give it everything he’s got

Mind over Muscle Challenge – at each stage they are given a question, which answered correctly, they can use the machine to move the materials. If they answer it incorrectly, they have to use their brawn to lug their materials. The last person to complete the obstacle course will go home.

The first question was which building was younger than George Clooney. James then delivers the Best Line of the Show:

“Who the Hell is George Clooney?”

It was nail biting with Lucy in the lead and Maggie lagging behind but in the end, Maggie made it through first with James and Lucy neck in neck until James answered the final question correctly so he was able to drive his materials through to the end while Lucy ended up cut from the competition seconds away from completing the obstacle course.

This show lost a great competitor with Lucy cut from the yellow team but the home that she won for her hero Mrs. Turner is absolutely stunning!

Mike Holmes then tells Lucy that she almost made him cry, and he’s a tough guy. Lucy’s final message to James and her teammates was really heart warming.

The Final Reveal:

Tim and Mike remind Lucy to act really sad even though she is ecstatic to present her hero with her dream home!  Mrs. Turner is so proud that Lucy tried so hard to win and it doesn’t change anything between them. I am so happy that Lucy is going to give her this gorgeous home! I wish I had a teacher like Mrs. Turner in my life.

The house is absolutely stunning. I love the library nook, which is perfect for Mrs. Turner. The kitchen with Dal-Tile backsplash is open and cozy, while I love the leaf printed wallpaper that’s repeated in specific rooms throughout the house. And of course, Mohawk’s Huntsville hardwood flooring with ArmorMax Finish in Hickory Shadow is just the perfect foundation for a home that Mrs. Turner will live in throughout retirement.








Next week’s sneak peak looks like the competition is getting harder and more physical. We see alliances will continue to be formed until someone gets to the end of Home Free Boulevard and presents the keys to the Ultimate Dream Home to their personal hero.

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