Hi, Everyone! It’s Kristin from Bliss at Home and I am excited to share a fun kid-friendly snack with you today!

In my household, my kids love to help out in the kitchen. We cook together as a family a lot!  With school starting back up soon, I have to plan ahead and I like to have healthy snacks ready for them when they get home from school. I try not to keep too many pre-packaged foods in the house because I want to teach them to love healthy foods early on.

This easy Veggie Hummus Pizza is a great after school snack. I pretty much have found (at least with my kids) that, if you add the word pizza to the end of something, they are bound to try it and usually like it. Today, I am sharing how we make this easy snack at our house.

Veggie Hummus Pizza | Great healthy snack for kids

This is something I can prep ahead of time in just a couple of minutes. I just chop up veggies and keep them in bags in the fridge. You can tailor this to your kid’s preferences. I just place everything in bowls and let them build their own pizzas.

This is really well-balanced and portion appropriate for kids and adults alike. The pita bread is very low-fat and has healthy grains. You are giving them healthy fat with the olive oil, which also helps with the absorption of the nutrients from the vegetables. The hummus packs a little extra punch of protein and makes this a great after school snack to keep them going!

Veggie Hummus PIzza | A Healthy and Kid-friendly Snack

I also always find my kids are more likely to eat what I give them when they get to help make it.

Veggie Hummus Pizza | A healthy and kid-friendly snack

Veggie Hummus Pizza | A healthy and kid-friendly snack

We do different variations of this to keep it fun and interesting. Little hands love to make these and they are pretty tasty too!


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