Hi All, it’s Taryn from Design, Dining + Diapers. It seems as though the silhouette trend has been slowly entering the design world for the past few years, but recently Marie Claire named it one of the top design trends for fall 2013! Silhouettes are often thought of as very victorian or vintage, but I’m here to show you how they can work with any design style.

Whether you have more modern taste or shabby chic, here are a few ways to add this hot trend to your home.

Ways to incorporate silhouettes into your home



Recycle old jars into beautiful silhouette vases (Via Craft Tuts)


For a more rustic chic look, turn a piece of wood into silhouette art (via The Merry Thought)



If you like a more subtle approach, try these silhouette coasters (via Missive Etsy Shop)



Etch your family silhouettes into decorative mirrors (via Modern Momma)



These DIY silhouette canvases are personal, modern and fun (via AKA Design)


This silhouette gallery is gorgeous, but the addition of the silhouette on the chair really makes a statement (via Makely School For Girls)


Try this modern approach to a silhouette gallery, the colors and symmetry make this so chic (via Graham Moss)

from the right side


This silhouette mantel display is gorgeous and can be used year round or easily adapted for different seasons (via Tatertots & Jello)


And with fall months approaching, this silhouette pumpkin would be the perfect way to welcome the new season (via HGTV)


 And if you aren’t sure if you are going to like the silhouette trend, just add in a quick throw pillow that can easily be switched out (via CujiCoo)

Have you started to embrace the silhouette trend in your home?

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