Fall will be here before you know it and that means pumpkin pie, apple crisp, hot cocoa, cooler temperatures and warm fires in the fireplace!  It also means cute boots and scarves!  Yeah!  I love boot and scarf season!  I also love fall because I love incorporating fall decor into my home.  But I don’t just mean traditional pumpkins, fake fall leaves and inevitable ghost decor (don’t worry I love that too) but I mean, warm autumn colors that make your home feel like it’s fall without screaming FALL.  So today I want to share a few tips and unique ways to add warm autumn colors in your home that will create the sense of homeyness and coziness you long for, while still being understated, beautiful and not clashing with your current decor.

Unique Ways to Add Warm Autumn Colors in Your Home

While there is nothing wrong with adding red, orange and yellow to your home along with pumpkins and fake fall leaves (believe me, I enjoy doing this too), you can also bring a sense of fall into your home without being quite so obvious.  Here are a few of my favorite tips for adding warm autumn colors into your home in a unique and unexpected way.

DIY Farmhouse Fall Centerpiece

Don’t Go Traditional, Just Go Muted

You don’t need to add red, orange, yellow and brown to your home to make it look like fall, instead take colors that already exist in your home and mute them a bit.  So instead of the bright turquoise you enjoyed during the summer months, use a muted turquoise instead.  Switch out your bright blues for a navy blue etc.  You get the idea.  This fall centerpiece is a good example of a fall centerpiece that doesn’t have traditional colors in it but still feels like fall because of the muted colors used.


Add Warm Metallics

Gold, copper, bronze and rose gold are warm metallics that just feel like autumn.  Add a few touches of these metallics throughout your home and it will feel more like autumn while still blending in beautifully with your home decor style.  This metallic monogram is a fun example of adding a beautiful metallic to your home with a fun DIY project!

Thankful Tree

Bring in Nature

Bringing nature into your home is always a wonderful way to bring autumn colors into your home.  Whether you simply gather a few sticks from a nature walk or you have beautiful fall flowers to bring in your home, adding a touch of nature will bring in warm fall colors and help your home feel like fall in no time.  This Thankful Tree is a fun example and could be easily used all autumn long!


Change One or Two Home Decor Items

You don’t need to change every pillow, sheets set, and blanket in your home to make it feel like fall.  You also don’t need to repaint your home or buy all new furniture.  Instead, concentrate on just changing out one or two items to add autumn colors to your home.  Pillows are easy and inexpensive to change out every season.  But adding a new (or changing out an existing rug with a) Mohawk Cut and Bound Rug is a great way to add some depth, dimension and color to your home.  I particularly like the warm grey of Mohawk’s Everstrand Eclectic Allure carpet in Fallen Timber.