The idea of “thinking outside the box” has never been so popular in interior design. The “rules” that for so long dominated the minds of designers and homeowners have been replaced with imaginative and creative ideas for living spaces. For instance, a room that was originally designed to be a small dining room in a home is being turned into a home office instead. Formal living rooms are becoming less traditional and less stuffy; our grandparent’s living room that was meant to be seen and never used is becoming a relic of the past.

It is this same idea of breaking the rules and thinking outside the box that has designers mixing and matching different patterns, textures and materials. The idea that tiles were only for the bathroom or the kitchen is no longer the design rule. Not only do we see tile showing up in all other areas of the house, the tile we are seeing in these traditional places has a modern twist.

In the past, designers and homeowners would shy away from bringing hardwood flooring into a room that was previously considered to be a tile or laminate only room, like a bathroom or laundry room.   Hardwoods were not thought to be a wise choice due to the humidity in these rooms. The perfect answer to this is choosing a tile that is made to look like wood. Wood tile offers a humidity proof, easy care alternative to real wood.


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Using wood floor tiles in high traffic areas like family rooms or playrooms is also becoming popular as a cost effective and easily maintained floor choice. Using area rugs to cover parts of the floor offers the warm feeling we expect from flooring in these type rooms.

Long gone are the days when the only choice for tile in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room was white tile with white walls. Using multiple tiles in a room allows you to be creative with the design. By using multiple tiles you can come up with your own personal design.  The sky is the limit in what you create; just be sure that what you have designed or the tiles you have put together are exactly what you want before having them professionally installed. There are multitudes of sources that you can use to offer you inspiration.

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Tile has also become so versatile that you can literally use tile that is made to look like brick in showers, kitchens and even in wine cellars. Using brick tile/ stone tile as a backdrop saves money without sacrificing the high end look you are trying to achieve.


Think tile is just for indoors? Think again! Using tiles to cover an ugly outdoor deck easily and instantly changes the look from drab to fabulous.


Do you have extra time this weekend and feel like starting a project? Make an ordinary table extraordinary by creating a design using tiles.


Another quick and easy project for older homes with raw edge mirrors is using tiles to frame the outside of the mirror. In an instant you can change the look from outdated to up to date.

It is an exciting time in interior design. There are so many websites aimed at inspiring our creativity. Thinking outside the box makes the possibilities limitless. If you think it can be done, it probably can.