Spring and summer always make me want to clean and declutter my home ─ sorting out all the unwanted stuff, rearranging furniture and looking for ways to spice things up. Without spending a lot of money, I’m always on the lookout for some cool, easy ideas to spruce up the walls and add some oomph. If you’re looking for fresh decorating ideas for your walls – think floors. Yes, floors, as in decorating your walls with flooring.

The best flooring for DIY wall design is laminate. High quality laminate flooring has an authentic, rich hardwood look that translates into a stylish wall decoration for whatever look you’re going for – shabby-chic, elegant or traditional. It’s lightweight, durable, affordable, and easy to work with.

Today’s high quality laminate comes in an incredible range of tones, textures, and plank widths. You can go from silver ivory all the way to a deep chocolate truffle; silky smooth to wire brushed, thin and delicate to wide and bold planks. So many fun choices! And because the space is so much smaller than an entire floor, you can go for something different and unexpected. Hang it horizontally or vertically. Vary widths. Mix shades.

Where Do Laminate Walls Work Best?

While there are no rules to creative personal decorating, there are a few top choices for laminate wall placing; accent walls, insets, and backdrops for hanging items.

Laminate Accents On Walls

You know those wall spaces that are begging for some eye-catching decoration, like above the headboard in the master bedroom, or above a fireplace? This is where laminate can add major style upgrade.

Instead of the typical large, framed picture above the bed, make a statement with laminate that brings character to the room. This can work with any decor from a cozy cabin feel to a sleek, modern design. Same goes for the wall behind the couch in a living room or family room. Love this idea!

Laminate Insets

Insets, like the square pockets on the wall or built-in shelves, can be a decorating stumper sometimes. Do you bring them out or subtly blend them with the walls? I say bring ‘em out! This is such a great way shine a light─literally─ on artsy pieces, travel souvenirs and the like.

Laminate Backdrops for Hanging Things

Finding the perfect location to mount a TV or hang a large mirror is tricky – add some awesome laminate behind it, and you’ve just created some magic. This can add exciting drama to the room not only in design and unexpected texture, but in the way it beautifully reflects the light.

So let the warmer weather inspire you to add some oomph to your home design – from floors to walls.