Tree Toppers really add the finishing touch on any Christmas Tree.  Whether you are a traditional star, elegant angel or classic bow, would you ever consider switching things up?  I use to be a switch it up kind of gal, but now I have become partial to our disco ball topper…. (shown below)  & I think we will stick with that one for a few more years.

Here are a few different examples on how to dress up the top of your tree this year!


the classic bow with an easy twist…

Easy Bow Tutorial  |  the Hunted Interior

Making bows can be difficult.  So a few years back I came up with a way to create this full bow using wooden skewers, ribbon & tape & arranging loops like a floral arrangement…. sounds complicated, but it really is an easy method with gorgeous results.

the disco ball

Disco Ball Tree Topper  |  the Hunted Interior

Our new “go to”… we found the small disco ball at Hobby Lobby & hang it from a small tea cup hook we have screwed into our ceiling.  I cover the hook with a simple bow & let the streamers cascade down the tree.  Love.

starburst mirror

 Sunburst Mirror Topper  |  Ballard Designs

A staple in any interior decor, I love this take on a traditional star using a mini starburst mirror.  This one is available to purchase, but I am sure one could be DIY’ed if you get creative enough.

the monogram

Monogram Tree Topper  |  Brooklyn Limestone 

This version makes it personal!  Buy a cardboard or wooden letter from the craft store, add some glitter & voila.  Easy.

modern take on a classic

Star Topper  |  West Elm

This snowflake/star from West Elm is a modern interpretation that also has an air of nostalgia.


Peacock Feathers  |  Better Homes & Gardens

This version could be equally beautiful using any feather variety, just be sure to use stems that are rigid enough to stand proud.

orbit topper

Wood Orbit Topper  |  SewBroke on Etsy

This take on the uber popular orbit decor is one of my favorites!  If I were doing another tree this year, this would be the topper.

x o – Kristin | the Hunted Interior