Summer 2014 is over and you are the reason it was such a success! You meticulously planned cross-country trips and long, lazy days frolicking at the beach. You cooked farm-to-table feasts and let your kids drench themselves in the sprinkler on the front lawn, even though they traipsed muddy footprints across your hardwood floor.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, you led the charge to transition the entire family back to school. Like clockwork, they barely noticed the bump from vacation to studying, with an after school schedule jam packed with soccer practice and ballet. You filled your kitchen chalkboard with delicious dinner menu ideas and packed exciting and creative lunches that even your pickiest kid will eat. With the kids away at school, and your spouse happily back to his work routine, you even managed to get in that important vet visit for your pet.

Anniversary sale 2

Now it’s time to treat yourself at the Mohawk Anniversary Sale, which is happening now through October 27th!

Have you been pining away for a new, hardwood floor for your kitchen? Perhaps in a lighter color than what you have now, since it will be just the facelift your kitchen needs. What about the carpet in your bedroom that you’ve been longing to change? With a SmartStrand carpet, you no longer need to worry about drinking your wine in the bedroom, or letting your pet run relay races next to the closet. It’s time to treat yourself to a SmartStrand carpet in the color that you want, and feel confident that you’re also getting the most comfortable, high quality, and stain resistant product on the market.

During the Mohawk Anniversary Sale, you’ll also receive discount pricing and special financing on a SmartStrand carpet or a new Hardwood floor with Armormax finish. And if that’s not enough to give you the nudge you need to make a home décor change, we’re also offering a $500 rebate!

As you run around this weekend, picking one child up from a play date and dropping another one off at swim practice, make sure you take some time for yourself. Get inspired and take advantage of the Mohawk Anniversary Sale. With $500 cash back, you’ll be glad you put yourself first for a change.

The Mohawk Anniversary Sale goes from September 12 – October 27. Contact your local Mohawk flooring retailer for details.