Just because there is a bit of a chill in the air doesn’t mean that your home’s outdoor spaces are no longer an enjoyable place to spend time. In many areas of the country, the cooler air allows for even more time spent outside now that the scorching heat of the summer is in the past.

With just a few updates your outdoor spaces can be as useful and welcoming in the cooler months as they are in the warmer ones.




In the summer our deck is filled with bright blue and green decor and our planters full of colorful flowers, but in the fall I swap out the fun colors for more muted tones of beige and gray. I add a few throw pillows and toss out some warm throws for cooler nights, this way we can use our deck long after summer ends. As the leaves start to turn the neutral palate is soothing, and it makes the space feel a part of the outdoors.


fall deck decor2


The arrival of Fall doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your existing outdoor decor, just a few touches of beige, cream or gray offer a fall-like feeling and the neutral tones will compliment most color schemes. This screen porch is filled with bright blue and white decor in the hot summer months, then when the weather starts to cool the addition of some neutral pillows along with a few fall accents transitions the space nicely into the cooler months.






Warmer colors and tones signify the coming of Fall but for practical purposes it never hurts to have  cozy blankets on hand, especially if you are sitting outside in the cooler evenings. A soft, lightweight throw is perfect to keep near your seating area for chilly evenings, and the blankets not only soften the space but also add a hint of seasonal color.




To literally add warmth to your outdoor space, an backyard fire pit or fireplace is a great addition to any outdoor space. It makes entertaining in the cooler months easy–as simple as inviting some friends over to gather around a fire.  We constructed a fire pit {an easy DIY project, see the whole how-to here} in our backyard and we use it regularly in the Fall. What once was just an unused corner of our backyard now is our go-to spot for entertaining, it is the perfect spot to spend evenings as a family.









Once the summer blooms have faded, some cold tolerant plants are a worthwhile addition to your outdoor space. Filling your planters with fall-toned plants, or creating just simple planters filled with traditional mums will keep your outdoor areas feeling fresh long into the Fall. Pumpkins to decorate {or carve!} are also an essential at this time of year, don’t forget to buy a few extra in all sizes and colors for easy, seasonal decorations.


porch steps






Whether you keep your front entry simple with a few fall plants and just a wreath, or go all out with decor such as cornstalks and pumpkins, adding seasonal accents to welcome guests is always a nice touch. A pretty fall wreath, available at a home decor store and natural elements like cornstalks, mums and pumpkins on display transform an ordinary doorway into a welcoming space with an abundance of seasonal cheer.


Easy, natural Fall front door and porch decor






A quick note to remember: fall followed by winter brings natural elements like leaves, mud from rain and eventually snow and ice into the home. Before the cold weather gets there in full, it is a good idea to prepare your transitional spaces and floors. Consider adding Mohawk laminate flooring with ArmorMax finish in areas near doorways and in hallways that can stand up to whatever mother nature blows inside. Or add a bound SmartStrand® Forever Clean rug with All Pet Protection to protect your existing floors, as this helps keep your house clean as the rugs will trap dirt and mud before it gets tracked inside.




In your home’s closets, garages and mudrooms it is the perfect time of year to put away the summer flip flops and beach bags, and bring out jackets, scarves and boots. A few minutes prepping your home will prepare it for the coming season. Of course some fun fall accents never hurt to make a even a practical space like a mudroom more interesting as well as provide a welcoming entry for guests, family and friends.

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