My kids went back to school the second week of August!  Eek!  I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone.  I am desperately trying to hang onto the last bits of summer before it is gone.  But I also knew that I needed to be prepared for school to begin so that it didn’t completely catch us off guard.  In order to prepare for back to school I love to do a few things around my home that help ease us back into the transition of school.  So today I am sharing my Tips to Organize Your Home for Back to School.

Do you ever feel a huge influx of “stuff” right before school begins?  If you start now, you can prepare your home to accommodate all the extra back to school items plus get it in tip-top-shape ready to begin a new school year organized and frustration-free.

Tips to Organize Your Home for Back to School Simply Designing horiz

Tips to Organize Your Home for Back to School


If you still haven’t cleaned out last year’s backpacks, now is a good time to clean them out and replace them if needed.  My back closet is where we keep all the coats, shoes and backpacks so I love to purge this area before school begins.  That way I know if my kids need new coats, hats, gloves or backpacks before the school year begins.

Clean Kids Closets

Also it is a good idea to clean out your kids closets before they go back to school.  Make sure their clothing is easily accessible and get rid of anything that no longer fits.  Make a note of anything they need to begin the new school year.  While you are at it, if you have the energy, go ahead and just clean out their rooms too!  It always feels so good to start a new school year with a clean and organized bedroom.

Buy Extra School Supplies

When I buy school supplies for my kids, I always buy extra supplies.  I replace dried up markers and glue sticks and anything else that might need to be replaced with sale-priced back to school supplies.  I also buy a few of the plastic pencil bins (they are usually only about $1 this time of year) to store pencils and markers in.  That way my children have access to new school supplies for their homework and they are neat and organized too.

Write It Out

As you are signing your kids up for after school activities, make sure you have a good place to write it all down.  Whether you have a family command center, or use your calendar on your phone, having a way to keep track of what you have scheduled for each day is important.  Also be sure to add important back-to-school and school vacation dates into your calendar too.


Create a Study Space

It is so important for kids to have a consistent place to study, read and do homework.  This place should be quiet and free from electronics and distractions.  It should also be comfortable.  Some people have an entire room they can dedicate to homework, others need to just find a corner in a room or even just decide that the kitchen counter is the place where homework will be done after school.  Either way, designate a space and make it special.  I recommend adding a pretty and cozy cut and bound rug from Mohawk like this Longboat Key SmartStrand Forever Clean frieze style carpet with All Pet Protection in Nautical.