Do you have a little one on the way?  Or are you hoping to grow your family?  If so, I have some fun tips for you today!  I know and fully understand the desire to decorate a nursery with thoughts only of bringing a new sweet baby home.  I understand that you want it to be perfect, and beautiful and maybe even a bit reminiscent of a magazine nursery.  And that is all ok!  But, you may also want to consider how this room will transition with your child.  You see, babies only stay small for a little while.  They grow and their needs change and so must their room.  So instead of going out now and buying baby furniture only to need to replace all of it in a couple of years with something suitable for a toddler, let’s get a little creative and decorate a nursery that will grow with your child.  I am sharing all my tips with you today.

Tips to Decorate a Nursery that will Grow with Your Child

Sophisticated Color Pallet

(Source – Magnet Street)

It is easy to want to decorate in pastel pinks and blues, but if you resist that urge, just a tiny bit, you can make the decor in your child’s room last a little longer.  Choose a slightly more sophisticated color pallet and you will be able to grow it with your child for years.  For boys, think navy blues instead of pastel blues.  Maybe add a neutral black or dark grey into the mix as well.  For a girl, go ahead and use pink if you like, but add neutral colors as well like perhaps a light grey and white to help make the colors stretch a little further and feel a little older.  Stay away from too-trendy colors that may be hard to match later.

Convertible Furniture

(Larkin 4 – in – 1 Convertible Crib by Pottery Barn)

Don’t buy furniture just for here and now.  Think about buying a convertible crib so that you can transition it into a toddler bed in a couple of years.  Instead of buying a changing table, buy a dresser and add a changing pad on top of it.  Before you buy anything, think about how long you will use it for and if it can fit a different purpose later.  Maybe that hot pink rocker looks great in your babies room now, but will it look good in your little boy’s room later?  Or would you want to move it into your family room when you no longer need a rocker in a nursery?  Think about the long term use of everything before you buy it.

Grown-Up Patterns

Don’t just stick with adolescent patterns in the room.  Consider adding more grown-up patterns into the space.  Wallpaper is a great way to add a fun pattern to a room, and if you stick with something a bit more grown-up, it will last your child a long time.


Let’s be real for a minute, if you don’t want your space to become dated or look too young for your child, ditch the theme.  A bubbly alphabet or baby animal theme will only grow with your child so long.  But keeping the overall room neutral and adding a few decorations to have a subtle theme, can make it easy to transition once the child gets older.  Consider using vintage style transportation items, or vintage sports memorabilia for a fun touch that will look good long past the baby’s first birthday.


Choose a rug that is neutral and easy to clean.  You might also think about choosing a rug that would work for a boy’s or girl’s room.  And consider picking one that you might want to use in the child’s room as they get older, or even transition into another room in your house later.  Keep the rug soft yet neutral enough to go anywhere and you’ll have spent your money wisely.  I really love this Royal Splendor cut and bound SmartStrand Silk cut and bound rug from Mohawk Flooring in Steel Border.  It is neutral, soft and beautiful!

Are you designing a nursery? Share your interior design plans in the comments!