Whether you love watching sports, the outdoors, or just want a quiet place to relax after a long day at work, nothing beats being able to come home to your own “man cave.” The best part of a man cave is the ability to create a space that is acutely tailored to fit your personality and interests. When creating your ultimate man cave, there are a few things to keep in mind:


The colors of a room set the tone for the space. Earthy hues like browns and greens provide a warm and natural ambiance. Green also subtly adds a calming element to the atmosphere. For a more rustic appearance, stone or wood trimming create an even more enhanced sensory experience.

(Source – HGTV)


The whole point of a man cave is to have an area that is used predominantly for rest and relaxation. A quality hardwood floor and a classic cut-and-bound rug are the perfect way to accentuate your color choices and create a luxurious and relaxing room. A large couch – with plenty of space to lie down – is also essential in a man cave.

(Architexture in Cappuccino Oak)

(Mohawk Home Nauset Area Rug)



Now, what’s a man cave without toys? A TV is a quintessential addition to any man cave. Whether it’s to watch the big game or just display art, TV’s are one of the most popular features of a man cave. Along with that, pool tables, dart boards and even a vintage record player or juke box can help to emphasize a fun and personal space.  If you like to entertain, a wet bar – possibly outlined with stone or marble – may just be the perfect addition for you!

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After adding all the other elements to your room, lighting is the final accent piece that helps to dictate the aura of the space. If you’ve created a vibrant, airy room, bright lights liven up and provide energy to the area. If designing for a darker or more rustic look, hanging lights and Edison bulbs are a beautiful aesthetic combination.

(Source – The Spruce)

What different elements would you feature in your man cave? Let us know in the comments!