There isn’t a week that passes by that I don’t just stop in to my local thrift stores.  You just never know what you will find…. Thrifting is an art.  An art that is only fruitful once practiced on a regular basis.  You must go in with an open mind & a keen eye.

{ items from my most recent treasure hunt }

I will be honest… the first time I stepped into a Goodwill was only last year.  I didn’t think that there would be anything I would use/want, but truth be told… some of my favorite finds have come from this store.  From accessories to furniture, we have been lucky.  I attribute this to persistence.

Living less than a mile away from my local store, I literally pop in for a few minutes on my way home from the grocery store.  I go in looking for nothing & hoping for something!  There have been numerous trips where we simply leave empty handed– other trips we leave with a cart full of items & my husband looks at me like I am a crazy person for hoarding all of these miscellaneous items.

Like the one time I nabbed a junky old plant stand for $2.  Everyone else in the store saw just that, a junky old plant stand.  I saw the base of a fabulous table.  I simply added a little marble top & voila!  Accent table gold.

Our entire home is filled with thrifted/garage sale/side of the road gems, & these items all give our home character.  Almost every tabel is styled with a collection of orphaned items that I have given new love to.

Keys to thrifting…

  • Keep an open mind.  If you love the shape of something but not the color, consider painting the item.  I have painted numerous ceramic pieces white to fill open bookshelves.
  • Stop by frequently as the stock is changing by the minute in some cases.
  • Pay attention to quality… if buying a piece of furniture, don’t be afraid to flip the chair or table upside down.  Sometimes a wobbly chair is remedied by simply tightening the screws.

  • Hardware… If a dresser is missing a handle or a knob, don’t let that be a deal breaker!  Updating the hardware can be an easy & cost effective way to give new life to any piece of furniture.
  • Art & Frames… The thrift store is my go to spot for frames.  You can usually get a great frame with the mat already inside for next to nothing.  If you aren’t a fan of the crazy clown painting inside,  replace it with your own piece!

  • Lighting… Lamps & chandeliers can be rewired by yourself or by your local hardware store for a nominal fee.  The character of a vintage lamp can also be easily updated with the addition of a new shade.

  • Books Books Books!  I also never leave the thrift store without scoping out the book section.  Coffee table books, books with amazing colored spines & vintage collections are always on my radar.  I can always find a place for a fabulous book.

Next time you pass a thrift store, flea market or a garage sale.  Don’t pass it by!! Go in, take a look around… you never know what you will find!!!

xo-Kristin Jackson | The Hunted Interior