The holiday season is nearly upon us and we eagerly anticipate this special time with our loved ones. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holidays and we can’t think of a better way to start than celebrating the gratitude for all of the wonderful things in our lives. What is your favorite aspect- the sentiment, the food, visiting with family? Pay a visit to Mohawk Flooring’s Pinterest page and get excited with our newest board: “Thanksgiving Inspiration.”

We all have our annual favorites- the recipes, traditions and decorations – but our page might give you a new idea to add to your celebration. For instance, maybe this year you try spicing up that pumpkin pie with pralines for an extra special touch or repurposing your savory leftovers for a delicious next-day meal that the family falls in love with!

What are some of the must-have decorations that you employ to give the home true Thanksgiving spirit? We want to know how you set the table for a gorgeous meal and what activities you use to get the little ones involved as well. Borrow a great idea and share one for others to add to their festivities.

Our Thanksgiving board has inspiration for art, mantles, table arrangements, yummy treats, projects for kids and even more. With SmartStrand carpet and Hardwood flooring with ArmorMax, you have more time to capture these precious moments instead of fretting over possible spills or foot traffic. Host away with peace of mind and share with us all of your Thanksgiving favorites and reasons for gratitude.