It’s June and the kiddos are home from school. This means that Super-Mom needs to have a couple of activities in mind to stave off boredom!

Want an ingenious way to handle two tasks as one? Inspire your kids to keep their room clean by helping them re-decorate for the summer! Here are 4 ideas that will help keep your kids busy this summer with a seasonal room makeover:

1. Create a personal art gallery: No need to purchase pieces of art from an expensive home furnishings store for a kid’s room. Ask your budding artists to draw and sketch artwork for decorating the walls. Clear acrylic frames make it easy to update the artwork!

2. Accessorize the room: Similar to adding a bracelet or funky handbag to an outfit, apply the same principle to a child’s room. A beaded door hanging, bright patterned pillowcases- whatever it may be don’t be hesitant to add a bright accent for some summer pizzazz.

3. Provide for plenty of storage: Purchase plastic containers that will maximize space in a child’s bedroom for activities. Encourage organization of toys, books and art supplies to be put away. HINT: An often underutilized area is the space between the floor and bottom of the bed!

And here’s the big one:

4. Earning one new wall color: Purchase a calendar to check off days over an agreed-upon time period (1-2 months) for keeping the bedroom clean. Once that time period is reached, go through colors and together pick a new color for one wall in his or her bedroom. Whether you decide to paint it together or hire someone to paint the wall, the extra splash of color will be a big reward and a fun summer memory.

Did your child’s bedroom receive a Summer makeover? We would love to see the pictures for more ideas and feel free to lend some helpful tips in the comments below!