I would consider this summer a success for my family of five. We managed to pack in a beach vacation, cookouts with friends and family, trips to Grandma’s house a couple of hours away, the zoo, park, lake, baseball games, and even an amusement park. Phew!

With only a few more days of summer left, swimming and bike rides are beginning to lose their luster in my house. In need of ideas on how to easily entertain my little ones, I turned to Pinterest for some family fun inspiration.

Who knew you could make seashells out of melted crayons and that sponge water bombs could keep kids entertained for hours? My five-year-old has decorated his bike with crayons, paper, and some tape – three different times! And, while I’m not so sure our neighbors appreciated our rainbow glitter sidewalk paint family masterpiece as much as we did, we definitely had fun creating it!

In just a few days, when we are back in the school routine, I know my kids will have memories of a wonderful summer. Whether we were on a beach hundreds of miles away or sitting around our backyard fire pit making s’mores, it is the time we spent together that has made our summer so great.

There’s still three weeks left to summer, so take a minute to browse our Pinterest board packed with family fun ideas. It’s possible you could be frolicking in your own backyard water park by tonight!