Hello 2014!!!! Phew… am I the only one who is really looking forward to a new year?!  It’s time for a fresh start, a new outlook & time to get organized!!!!  One of my favorite ways to ring in the new year (& really make it official) is by getting a really beautiful calendar or planner for the next year.  In this tech savvy world we live in, there is something I gravitate towards when it comes to actually writing down important dates.  And if it is on a gorgeous backdrop, that makes it even better!  My absolute favorite personal calendar is from the crazy talented Sugar Paper LA.  This little easel set is small enough to sit atop of your desktop yet it still makes a lovely impact.

Sugar Paper LA also collaborated with Target & if you are lucky enough to still find some of their planners & calendars in store, grab them!!!

The Silhouettes Calendar from Anthropolgie has definite art appeal!

This one from CrannyFoundFavorites just makes me laugh, because I am saying this all the time!  You all know I love a little quirk in a room & this would definitely fit the bill for the whole year!

The graphic appeal of the Michi Gardens Canvas Calendar speaks to my love of all things black, white & floral!

Being a big fan of color & typography I adore this perpetual calendar from Constellation Co.

Coco & Mingo have created this gorgeous free printable that you can also download on your desktop, phone or tablet.  So pretty.

These are also free downloads from the Elli Blog for you to keep stylish & savvy throughout the new year!

Are you a full on tech calendar convert or does the real thing still make you smile?!

x o – Kristin | the Hunted Interior