Tough, Strong, Durable. When we think of these qualities, we think of heroic figures throughout history, the most indestructible materials found on Earth, and artistic creations that empower and amaze us.

We all finds moments throughout life where being strong is the only option. Strength is an incredibly inspiring theme and to honor this powerful concept, we took to Mohawk Flooring’s Pinterest page to create our Tough, Strong, Durable” board and capture some of the products, people, places and events that embody “Strength”.

What inspires you? Is it the powerful blow of a Mohammed Ali right hook or maybe the quiet confidence of Rosa Parks taking a stand while staying in her seat? Is it the iron and steel that comprise the triumphant Brooklyn Bridge or perhaps the pure grandeur of the Statue of Liberty?

Inspiration can even be found in your home such as sturdy, impenetrable Mohawk hardwood flooring with ArmorMax Finish. Built with ScotchGard Advanced Repel Technology, ArmorMax is tested and proven to be to 5 times stronger and more resistant to staining and abrasion than similar finishes.

Wherever you find your ultimate source, we want to see the powerful images and ideas that you associate with strength!  Is it a song or an amazing lyric? Tell us which pins you would add to our board in the comments or, better yet, private message us your pin on Pinterest!