DurchPHOTOS Macros Pencils Fine Art

It’s back to school time.  Feeling inspired by the big yellow buses & all the school supplies on sale, I thought I would put a designer twist on some of our favorite back to school items.

Here are a few fine art prints, sculptures & installations that may have you rethinking your kid’s backpack contents!

JenniferLynnPhotos Rainbow Crayons Photography 

Unfolded Book Art

Social Designer 500 Colored Pencils

Personally, I always keep a stash of colored pencils on my desk… they are bright, colorful & always bring a smile to my face.

Rosenberry Rooms Crayon Lamps

Library Information Desk 

Jenny Wilkinson Paint by Numbers Wallpaper

Book Page Table Runner

I did a version of this for our Thanksgiving Table last year!

Anything can be beautiful if you look at it the right way! Wishing everyone a happy (& stylish) School Year!

xo-Kristin Jackson | The Hunted Interior