More and more since my kiddo’s are getting older (the eldest nearly 12 years,) I have had to share my holiday decorating time and efforts with them, since they’re too cute not to let help. 😉 This Santa-inspired holiday wreath is playful enough for my children’s taste yet still stylish that I wasn’t afraid to display it. Like our DIY Holiday Card Holder, this frame is currently housing my incoming Christmas cards and I love it paired with this simple wreath!

DIY Santa-inspired Holiday Wreath |via

Everything you need to make your own Santa-inspired holiday wreath!

To make your own you’ll need the following:

  • Wreath form of your choice
  • Black, gold + red scrap fabric (less than 1/2 yard each)
  • Black + white striped ribbon, gold ribbon to fit wreath
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtacks
  • Hot glue

DIY Santa-inspired Holiday Wreath |via

Making this was a snap!

  1. Cut red fabric (we used burlap) into 3×8″ each.
  2. Thumbtack red fabric onto wreath and start wrapping.
  3. No need to press a tack into each strip but just keep wrapping over the end piece until the wreath is covered then tack last piece onto wreath form.
  4. Dab hot glue onto the back of the ribbon and press onto the back of the wreath.
  5. Pull over the front of the wreath and secure with another dab of hot glue.
  6. Cut out a “buckle” from gold fabric, (we used felt.)
  7. Cut shimmery gold ribbon to fit over “buckle”, dab more glue and cover the gold felt.
  8. Loop ribbon around wreath and hang!

DIY Santa-inspired Holiday Wreath |via

We would definitely recommend the colored burlap as it leaves the pretty frayed edges, which we love!

DIY Santa-inspired Holiday Wreath |via

Over all this was about a 1-hour project from start to finish, perfect for the busy crafters schedule!

DIY Santa-inspired Holiday Wreath |via

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