Whether you are at the beach with the family, having a picnic, a park day or playing sports outside, chances are you and your family will have some bottled water, sports drink or soda handy to help beat the heat.

Well, before you discard those empty plastic bottles in the closest trash can, we ask that you make sure to save for a recycling receptacle. In addition to diverting trash from landfills, you are helping create Mohawk EverStrand carpet!


This can also serve as a teachable moment for the whole family about sustainability and environmentally-friendly products. Here’s how the amazing story of EverStrand Carpet breaks down:

  • Mohawk reclaims more than 3 BILLION plastic bottles each year.
  • Bottles are recycled into P.E.T. chips.
  • The P.E.T. chips are extruded into EverStrand fiber.
  • EverStrand fiber is made into beautiful long-lasting carpets.

At Mohawk, we truly believe that every day is Earth Day. And as we consume drinks in plastic bottles while taking part in outdoor activities, we can keep the planet beautiful by recycling the bottles when finished!

Did you know that 14,000 plastic bottles are recycled every minute to produce Mohawk EverStrand Carpet? Watch this great video to truly understand the bottle to carpet story.

In order to convert these bottles in PET carpet, Mohawk operates the world’s largest integrated plastic bottle recycling facility, located in Summerville, Georgia. You’re helping us make beautiful carpet and a beautiful world every time you recycle.


What are your favorite green products that you use in your home?