This fall, I wanted to create a decorative accent that said “fall” without trying too hard. This pumpkin succulent planter was the perfect combination & can be used as a table centerpiece, an outdoor accent, or to accessorize an entry-way table.

The only skills necessary for this project are basic pumpkin carving skills…the very basic.

The materials are pretty minimal, as well. You’ll need a large white pumpkin, succulents of your choosing (I used 4 plants, 2 different kinds), and moss or air plant.

Step 1: Carve the pumpkin & make sure to cut a large opening at the top. You may have to whittle away at the inner wall of the pumpkin to create enough room.

Step 2: There are 2 options here: 1) Simply insert the succulents, in their original containers, into the pumpkin or 2) Use the pumpkin as the actual planting container. Add soil, if needed.

Step 3: Fill in gaps around the plants with moss or use an air plant (tillandsia) like I did.

 Modern fall decor to enhance your home, outdoors, or entertaining opportunities.

Now…who wants a pumpkin spice latte?

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