Hi everyone! It’s Amy from 11 Magnolia Lane. This summer if you don’t have the budget or perhaps the inclination to travel, a “Stay-Cation” may be just the way to go. Enjoying time off in the comfort of your own home can be as refreshing as a destination vacation–and maybe even more so without the usual expense and {possible} frustration that can come with getting from point A to point B!

Preparing your home for a relaxing vacation-at-home is the key to truly enjoying your break. Here are a few ways you can make your home ready so you can enjoy your time off and still sleep in your own bed!




Clear all the clutter from your entry space and add some fresh flowers. In the same way the lobby of a fine hotel would welcome you, this will start your vacation off on the right foot. Be sure to put away reminders of all those to-do’s like bills, junk mail and other unpleasantries that have no place on vacation. Clear spaces and fresh flowers will give you a clean slate to start that much needed summer down-time.




What’s better than a hotel with a Starbucks in the lobby? A kitchen coffee station just down the hall that you can visit in your PJ’s! Stock up on your favorite coffees and have everything ready to go for a convenient and relaxing start to your day.




There is no reason not to linger in bed, catch up on some light reading, and start a stay-cation day off only when you are ready. A tray of bedside essentials like magazines, scented candles and fresh flowers, will make you feel spoiled in your own home.


lemonade and snacks ,


Be sure to lay in a stock of fresh fruits and vegetables ahead of time for refreshing and easy snacking, and keep a cold pitcher of lemon water close at hand. These touches are refreshing on a summer day and and add that special spa-like experience. Cut glass crystal is another nice touch if you have it; this is the perfect time to spoil yourself with the finer things in life!




Take a moment to fluff your outdoor spaces– add some pillows, fresh flowers and soft cushions, that way even if you can’t be beach or poolside on your stay-cation, you will still have a resort feel in your own backyard.



Prepare a vacation-inspired treat complete with a serving tray to enjoy as you relax outside. Refreshing bottled water or lemonade served in a fancy glass will make you feel spoiled, almost like you are lounging poolside in a four-star hotel.




If it’s too hot to be outside, a quiet inside reading spot is a decadent way to spend an afternoon. A vacation is a great chance to enjoy guilt-free time reading and relaxing in the cool indoors. Adding a bouquet of fresh, farmstand flowers is a special treat that goes a long way toward beautifying your everyday space.




For the true vacation experience, even if you don’t have a spa-like bath, make the most of your tub by enjoying a decadent soak with a chilled bottle of bubbly (or sparkling cider). Relaxing in a tub is the perfect way to unwind on a hot day and after all, treating yourself well is an important part of a truly refreshing vacation.




Follow your long soak with a plush robe and some decadent bath lotion and you’ll feel as if you’ve been away at a spa rather then just in your own bathroom. Everyday life rarely allows for extended downtime, be sure to make the most of it!


cupcakes and flowers


Finally, every vacation calls for a sweet treat here and there. Stock up on some bakery delights to indulge in and you’ll feel every bit as spoiled as if you had a personal butler bringing you room service!

Enjoying the little things, without the hassles of planes, trains and automobiles, is a great way to recharge your batteries over the summer. Making your home “stay-cation” ready is the key to being able to unplug and unwind during those few precious days off.

Thanks everyone and enjoy your summer vacations, whether at home or away!

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