The kitchen in your home isn’t simply an area where food is kept and prepared, it’s a multitude of places in one: a workshop, a sanctuary, a restaurant and more. And just like the robust flavors and colors of the delicious meals created, your kitchen is full of style and warmth for your family to savor. As the incredible aromas carry through the home and bring everyone in, we bring you some of our favorite kitchen designs on our Mohawk Flooring Pinterest page to help you create the culinary space of your dreams.

Maybe you want to capture a rustic kitchen with stained hardwood floors and earthy tones throughout? What’s the trademark color or colors of your favorite restaurant? We found some truly breath-taking designs that implement both bold and subtle colors and patterns for amazing effect. Also, modern designs using elements like glass, steel and other metals add a sensational shimmer in a striking kitchen.

We can’t discuss kitchen design without focusing on the timeless style staple of Mohawk Ceramic Tile. Our Tile Flooring board includes a number of amazing ideas for a functional kitchen floor with flair as well as backsplashes and countertops. Whether you want colorfast, maximum durability of porcelain tile, or newer innovative construction, the vast color palette of tile will help you implement a one-of-a-kind design that’s all your own.

Nothing brings people together like a beautiful meal and the gorgeous kitchens found on our Kitchen Inspiration board are sure to inspire some of your finest feasts yet. A sturdy, wear-resistant floor like vintage Mohawk Hardwood planks or Stone tile will serve as the perfect foundation.

Repin some of your favorite kitchens from our Kitchen Inspiration Pinterest board and let us know in the comments section! We hope your kitchen brings you nothing but scrumptious, delectable memories!